Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wordless, Wordful or Whatever Wednesday Link Up- The Guests of Honour!

Ave & Bryce turned TWO this weekend!

They had such a FUN time at their Birthday Party...here are a few pictures of the celebration!

In case you are interested in throwing a Raggedy Ann & Andy Party you can go CHECK OUT  all the details!!

They LOVED all the Balloons!

Ave Looked Glamorous in her Sparkle Dress!  Her Baby Doll was Dressed in the EXACT Same Outfit!

Bryce Looked Like a Dapper Gentleman in His Suit!

Even Daddy Dave "got into" the Festivities of the Day!

I would love to see YOUR Wordless, Wordful or Whatever Wednesday Post...Please Link Up!

Monday, January 30, 2012

A Raddegy Ann & Andy 2nd Birthday Celebration!

What a busy weekend! Ave & Bryce turned TWO and there wasn't many moments without some kind of celebration going on...it was fun! It was exhausting.

I thought I'd share a few pictures of the FA-bulous Birthday Party. They had over 40 people come on Saturday to celebrate...it was a FULL HOUSE!

I am providing a very detailed pictorial of the specifics of their party for two reasons.  The first is because my family and close friends that live afar were unable to come and I don't want them to miss anything...LOL!  The second is because I am "pinning" this to Pinterest in case others might like some ideas on how to bring this "Classic Theme" to life despite the limited party supplies available.

Raggedy Ann & Andy Birthday Party

Theme- Stars & Hearts
Colors- Red & Blue
Some Speciality Items Available at:  Raggedy Land
Other Decorations- Dollar stores, Micheals craft stores, party supply stores


I ordered these online at Notably Inviting, they have so many
unique and intriguing invitations/cards to chose from...worth a visit!

I got a little "creative" with the invitation wording!

We had LOTS of balloons....

what's a Birthday Party without Balloons?!?!

as did Raggedy Ann!

Raggedy Andy had his own Balloon Bouquet...

Raggedy Ann & Andy decorations are hard to come by these days so, I had
to be a little creative.  I used my Cricut Cutter to make a Happy Birthday sign with pre-cut foiled stars.
I also managed to find window cling-ons that were on clearance at Wal Mart last year...I must have known
we'd be having this themed party...LOL!

I filled a variety of different vases with candy cinnamon hearts and plopped in a few
sparkle hearts, which I placed throughout the house.

Even the fridge gotta a little "LOVE"!

The Playroom was decorated in mostly hearts

and Valentine's day decorations so we could keep them up after the party!

Since we have so many wooden rails around the house, I twisted some foil heart
garland onto them.  Again, we are keeping these on until after Valentines day!


I "cheated" a little and ordered pre-made veggie, fruit, meat & cheese trays!

BUT I did make 50 colored bread sandwiches.  Our local supermarket, Sobeys
will bake bread in ANY color you wish...so fun!!

I don't know about your kids but mine LOVE grilled cheese sandwiches therefore, we
had to have a Grilled Cheese Station!
I always like to make one "special" food item and this year I opted for Sparkle Donut Pops.
Lesson Learned- You must NOT make these a day ahead as all they will all stick together and
they will not be very "pretty"...LOL!

This was the "Sweet Treat Station"
We had three cakes...

These are the speciality cakes I had made by Jennifer over at CakesBaby .  They were more for decoration at the party because
we ate them the day after during our "Family Only" Birthday dinner.

I just adore these little masterpieces!
The cake toppers are actually Christmas ornaments for a forever "keepsake"

I ordered a "Cupcake" Cake for all the guests at the party.
I used some Halloween pictures to tie in the theme!


Rather than "traditional" Loot Bags, I decided to provide a gift that will keep
on giving for years to come.  I ordered hard covered Raggedy Ann & Andy 90th Birthday Celebration books
for each of the children. 

They also got a "sweet treat", as did all the adults.
These are chocolate bars that I covered with personalized "Thank You" wrappers
that I made in publisher.

It's the day after their 2nd Birthday and I am already planning their 3rd...LOL!

Next Years Theme:  Dr. Suess...Oh, The Place We'll Go!!
 (Oh, how excited I am to start planning this one.)

Happy Monday Friends!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Songs That Make US Sing Saturday! Happy 2nd Birthday Ave & Bryce...

Happy Birthday To You BOTH!

Get your dancing shoes on and those singing voices ready because ME, Ginger of Just Another Mom of Twins and Becca of Because I'm the Mommy are hosting "Songs That Make Us Sing Saturday Blog Hop!!" 
Here is just a few guidelines:

1.  Please Follow the TWO of "Us"  (we're so much more than just songs...LOL) If you're a new follower please leave us a comment so we can follow you back!
2. Pick A Song...any song that makes you wanna sing! Old-New-Country-Pop-Punk...anything goes. (Let's try to keep it family friendly if we can...LOL) If you want, tell us why the song makes you wanna SING!
3.  Add your link to the "Playlist"
4.  We'd REALLY like you to copy the Linky Code (just click on "get the code") in to your post so your blogger buds can join in on the fun or link back to the both of us so they can at least "find" the party, but you don't have to.
5.  We'd love to see the video of your song (which can easily be shared via youtube.com) but if you just wanna list your favorite song of the day, we're "cool" with that too!
6.  Hey, and don't forget to grab our button while you are at it.  (BCIMommy still likes it cause she thinks it sounds dirty. *teehee*)

Just Another Mom of Twins

As I sit here writing this, my mind is running a mile a minute because I just don;t know where the last 2 years have gone?!  My babies are NOT babies anymore.  They turn TWO tomorrow.  WoW!

This song says EVERYTHING I WISH for my children.

Happy 2nd Birthday Ave & Bryce.  Never forget...

My wish, for you, is that this life becomes all that you want it to,
Your dreams stay big, and your worries stay small,
You never need to carry more than you can hold,
And while you're out there getting where you're getting to,
I hope you know somebody loves you, and wants the same things too,
Yeah, this, is my wish.


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