Friday, January 13, 2012


I am linking up with DEUCES WILD & AN ACE IN THE HOLE, MAME MUSINGS, LIFE IS BUT A STAGE, 3 of my fellow Bloggy World buddies who completed this really "neat" post of filling in the {BLANKS} and we'll I am NOT one to miss the "party" so here goes...

I  AM feeling like I JUST HAD to participate in this super fun post that's all about me!

I WANT to be a little less narcissistic in 2012.

I HAVE so many things to be thankful for in life but sometimes I forget that.

I KEEP thinking that I am 35 but I am actually 37.

I WISH I COULD turn back time and then I could find a w-a-y, to take back those words that hurt you...

I HATE the word "retarded".
I FEAR that one day I might wake up and think/say "I wish I would have [blank]"

I HEAR a lot less better than I use to.  (Some say it's more just more "selective" now that I have children rather than ACTUAL loss of hearing?!)

I DON'T THINK people in Florida know that not using your "signal lights" when turning is illegal and extremely dangerous.

I REGRET quitting Pathfinders 4 months before the troop was heading to Europe for a once in a lifetime trip.

I LOVE like I'll never get hurt.

I DANCE like no one is watching.

I SING like no one is listening.

I AM NOT a great dancer or singer but I sure know how to "LOVE"!

I NEVER pay with cash.

I RARELY pay with my debt card.
I CRY WHEN the Visa bill comes in. (Actually, Daddy Dave "crys" w-a-y more!)

I AM NEVER without hope.

I AM CONFUSED ABOUT when the Zombie's take over the world how I am going to make it all the way across the country with all my supplies (and family too, of course) without becoming "infected" and/or robbed before getting to our family's designated "End of the World" secret shelter spot.

I AM MORE CONFUSED when people look at me like I am out of my mind when I talk about my "End of the World" plan-o-action!, doesn't EVERYONE have one?!?! LMAO!

I NEED to get healthy and lose some weight.

I SHOULD probably reconsider eating this bowl of chips I poured myself to "enjoy" while writing this post. Hmmmm....



  1. Just move to Kansas. One zombies don't ever come to Kansas--it's a little known fact. Two, if you did you would be closer to ME! And three, if zombies did come to Kansas you would be that much closer to your "secret shelter spot" or mine cause I'd let you in.

  2. HA! Zombies! Love it! And now that I think about it, I don't pay with cash either...that would have been a good one! Thanks for playing along!! Happy Friday right back at ya!

  3. Brett always tells me we'll never survive an alien invasion or zombie attack now that we have kids. He claims they'll slow us down and won't be quiet when we're hiding. So we're really hoping it doesn't happen until they're older :)

  4. You should call my husband. He is planning our 2012 survival plan. Too many of those doomsday History Channel specials!

    Thanks for playing along!



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