Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My New Year's Resolution- I got me an ADDICTION that I need to get help for!

It just ain't Thursday 'round here unless I "hook-up" with MAMA KAT and her pretty much WORLD famous Writing Workshop...

Assignment: Okay okay I have to ask...what are your New Year's Resolutions for 2012

I am ADDICTED TO EYE GLASSESEye. Glasses. (I probaby sound like a broken record to my "regular readers" becuase we all know this is not my first blog post on my addiction to glasses...sorry 'bout that!) I suppose there could be MANY worse addictions to have but I have to admit that it has gotten W-A-Y a little out of hand.  I need to join EGAA (Eye Glasses Addiction Anonymous).  However, I doubt there is such a support group out there like "that". *sigh*

I don't typically make New Year's Resolution because I hate disappointing myself.  But enough is enough and as much as it pains me, I resolve to not buy any as many pairs of eye glasses this year.  Just to give you an idea of how "serious" this addiction has become...I bought 7 pairs last year.  I now own a total of 19 pairs of eye glasses. *sigh*

So there you have it.  NO MORE NOT AS MANY pairs of eye glasses shall be mine in 2012.  It is especially important that I try to set some boundaries for myself given the fact that I JUST found out about a super cheap site where you can order them from the internet.  For what I paid for my 7 pairs of eye glasses this year, I could get 25 pairs. OH. MY. GOSH.  It gives me a dopamine "high" just thinking about 25 pairs of new, fan-tabulous pairs of eye glasses that I could add to my ever-growing collection. (This is gonna be a REALLY HARD RESOLUTION to keep people.)

Now that we have all that silly "This is my problem and this is what I resolve to FIX this year" mumbo-jumbo, come take a look at the 5 new pairs I got just before Christmas:

Is it just me or are these not totally rad specs? LOL!

Yup! Those little beauties on the bottom have "clip-on" shades!
(They're back in style you know...LMAO!)

Here's my collection in it's entirety (minus the pair on my face and the 3 I forgot at home).  Spectacular isn't it?  LOL!

Since my first confession regarding my addiction, I have had to "upgrade" the stand that holds them.  I love this one because now it holds ALMOST ALL of my spectacles and is nice and compact to pack for when I head on a Vay-Kay. 

Afterall, 19 eye glasses cases is A LOT of eye glasses cases to pack!

Wishing You Greater GREAT Success With Your 2012 New Year's Resolutions! *wink, wink*

If it isn't already part of your weekly "must do's" then you really gotta reconsider your priorities and sign-up at Mama Kat's and get your "inspiration on"!


  1. I think that is the most hilarious thing I've ever seen.. or read! You make me laugh :)

  2. You take them all with you?!?!? I'm in shock....

  3. What impresses me most is your impeccable organization of said glasses.

  4. LOL at Melissa!

    I'm truly amazed! But you are hilarious - gosh, do you change them like you change handbags to match your clothes?

  5. You so crack me up, Sister! You know I have one pair in common with you, with some swirlies on the side. :) I'm just amazed they make such a carrying should provide you comfort to know you're not the only one!!!

    And a Happy New Year to you, too! Thank you for your sweet note and your Christmas card! One day, you will receive a card from me. ;) This year, that is... ;)

  6. Ha! Too funny... I can honestly say that I have never met anyone with this addiction, but I kinda understand it. I wear Rx glasses about 60% of the time, but I also have about 10 pairs of "fashion readers" that I keep all over the house and in purses. It's sorta because I can't see worth a sh!^, but also kinda because I love the look of them.

    Maybe I need to join EGAA too! LOL!

    Have an amazing rest of the week! See you on Saturday! :~)

  7. HAHAHAHAHAHAH! I love your addiction! If I actually wore my glasses instead of contacts I would be right there with ya sister! They are like MUST have a pair to match each outfit!
    I totally get it! And love it! =)

  8. I am a wannabe EGAA member. I only need a +1 in a reader. I see just fine. But glasses! Glasses are cool. And they make them so cute now. I want them just from the design alone! Let me into your club. I promise not to tell anyone I can see just fine.

  9. You are the biggest nerd EVER...and I love it. Your collection is fantastic!

  10. Whoa! You could practically put up an eyewear shop with the sheer size of your collection! I think it's alright to collect, as long as you're using 'em. I've read a blog before that talks about addiction to eyeglasses. In fact, she said that she never even used 'em before. I guess everybody has different preferences in collecting.

  11. Wow, I gotta say I'm impressed with your collection of glasses. Mind giving me a pair? Kidding aside, I'm also jealous of you.



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