Thursday, January 5, 2012

My shadow is 3 feet shorter and about 200 pounds lighter these days...WTH?

OH WAIT!  That's not my REAL shadow...that's my son, Bryce!

It was adorable the first time.

It was endearing the second time.

It was cute the third time.

It was tolerable the fourth time.

Now it's down right annoying! 

I can't be out-of-his-eyes-view for even a second before he is SCREAMING bloody murder! My niece managed to capture one of these "special moments", have a peek:

It's going on 2 1/2 weeks since my NEW, shorter & thinner shadow has not left my side or I should say, my backside.  He's fallen flat on his arse more times than I can count from either running right in to my buttocks as I stop to do something or he's "taken out" by my belly as I turn around...LMAO!

These are the few times that I have actually been able to find humor in the whole situation.  I am laughing out loud right now as I type because it's sooooo funny!  He goes flying onto his backside but he doesn't cry because he KNOWS that he'll get no sympathy from Mama, given the fact that he has been told MANY times to STOP FOLLOWING ME!  I wish I could catch a genuine episode of it  it on tape but instead my niece and "set him up" for your viewing pleasure".  LMAO!.

I know!  I know!  I should embrace the whole "I wanna be with my mommy 24/7" thing because before I know it he wont want to have anything to do with me but I am finding it a little hard to "embrace".  No.  I am finding it impossible to embrace. LOL!

It's just a phase.  RIGHT?!?!


  1. It better be a phase because my older one has been on that for a couple of weeks now. Yeah it's cute but I really won't mind if it stopped. Your shadow is cute though

  2. Oh my goodness! That's adorable. And I can imagine it's quite annoying too...

    Emily has taken to clinging to me while I am cooking. When she's not hanging on my leg, she wants to walk in and out between my legs. Um, awkward.

  3. I remember when my daughter went through that. (sigh) Who am I kidding? She still does it, only now it's over the phone! LOL We have this habit of going out without our cell (yes, only one cell phone - yes, I know.. we're old geezers!)

    Anywhooo, If/when we forget it, there are 105 messages waiting for us when we get home. "Where were you?" "Is everything alright?" Geeze Louise!

    In short - It's a phase... Sort of.

  4. Too funny!! And cute...but yes I could see how that could get old real fast! Hard to have Alone time!! XO Karen

  5. A phase for now but i have discovered that even when they get older they want to be by my side all the time especially if i have friends over or we are out somewhere. We recently went to Jamaica where i referred to the girls as my ducklings cause if they were not constantly bumping into me i was tripping over them....and it drove me crazy!!!! I think your videos are hilarious Ging and i'm sure Bryce will get a chuckle out of them too! The parcel was mailed yesterday and i want to go to Florida in March (alone) Talk soon!

  6. LOVE your shadow - he is adorable and funny!!!

    it is cute but would drive me nuts - I can't stand kids underfoot :)

  7. He is adorable!! BUT I can totally see how that would be super annoying too! My girls have been attached to me at the hip in the evenings, and the same thing happens to them with running into me, me knocking them over, and me tripping over them. They still cry and expect sympathy though. They need to take a lesson from Bryce! LOL! It's exasperating! Adorable, but geez!
    I have my fingers crossed that it's just a phase too!!!

  8. That is cute and annoying! I hate when my kids follow me around but I try to find the cute in it.

  9. That second video is hilarious! I mean, poor little guy falling down, but definitely funny! I love when you get the 3 man pile up. One bumps into me and then the other one bumps into him.....So funny, and yes it's just a phase. But let's be honest, does that really make it any better?



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