Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wordless, Wordful or Whatever Wednesday Link Up! My Snow Angel...

Ave is my little, adorable snow angel...she LOVES the "white stuff" so much that you'd think she was lounging on some beach in this picture! LMAO!

Looking forward to seeing YOUR Wordless, Wordful or WHatever Wednesday Post!

Link On Up...

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Best Booster Seats for Travelling AND at Home! Mama Loves...

Mandy over at Twins, Trials and Triumphs has been participating in "Mama Loves" for as long as I have known her and in Cyberspace...that's a LONG time! LOL. 

Anywho, I have sooooo many things that I LOVE as a mama of twins and honestly, most of them I couldn't survived without! Therefore, I have decided to delve in and give my 2 cents on what THIS mama loves and what YOU should love too!  Julia of Pontifications of a Twin Mom hosts this very informative Linky Party and I am so happy to be joining in.
I don't know about you but I love my high chairs...they keep the kids "put" for meal & snack time.  However, we are coming to that "age" when we need to start transitioning them to the table but they are still a little too "short" to sit on the chairs without a booster.  Most of the boosters I found on the market today did not take in to account that ideally, kids should be able to sit as close to the table as possible.  There seems to be thick sides that keep them from being able to sit "flush" to the table and in my world of 2 year old toddlers that equals a huge gap for spillage on them AND the floor...LOL!

I found the BEST PORTABLE BOOSTER SEATS that will work with almost, if not EVERY dinner table out there.  The best part, I can bring them with me to playdates & friends houses so that the kids can sit at the table and enjoy their meals...A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!

The Munchkin Travel Booster Seats

Supper Compact & Light for Easy Travel

There are 2 levels available for growing kids or to accommodate different heights of tables

There are 4 sturdy pop out or store "feet" you can  adjust.

There are 2 straps to secure to any chair & a 2 point/crotch harness for safety & security
*Munchkin Travel Boosters are available at SUPERSTORE in Canada & at TARGET in the USA.

THIS Mama LOVES her Travelling Booster Seats!  If You've Got Mama Love Going On & Want Others to Fall In Love Too Link Up HERE!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Saturday Songs That Make Us Sing Linky Party- 20 years from now....

Well, it's the last weekend in LOVE MONTH and I am a little sad...only because 2 months have flown right by and I really have no idea how that happened!  LOL!
I hope you enjoy the last "LOVE SONG" I picked!
Get your dancing shoes on and those singing voices ready because ME, Ginger of Just Another Mom of Twins and Becca of Because I'm the Mommy are hosting "Songs That Make Us Sing Saturday Blog Hop!!" 
Here is just a few guidelines:

1.  Please Follow the TWO of "Us"  (we're so much more than just songs...LOL) If you're a new follower please leave us a comment so we can follow you back!
2. Pick A Song...any song that makes you wanna sing! Old-New-Country-Pop-Punk...anything goes. (Let's try to keep it family friendly if we can...LOL) If you want, tell us why the song makes you wanna SING!
3.  Add your link to the "Playlist"
4.  We'd REALLY like you to copy the Linky Code (just click on "get the code") in to your post so your blogger buds can join in on the fun or link back to the both of us so they can at least "find" the party, but you don't have to.
5.  We'd love to see the video of your song (which can easily be shared via youtube.com) but if you just wanna list your favorite song of the day, we're "cool" with that too!
6.  Hey, and don't forget to grab our button while you are at it.  (BCIMommy still likes it cause she thinks it sounds dirty. *teehee*)

Just Another Mom of Twins

Daddy Dave & I should be retired in just under 20 years.  Ave & Bryce will be finishing up University (or at least they better be) and about to start their lives as adults.  20 years seems like a lifetime away but I know it's going to fly by so fast. *sigh*

Anyways, I picture "us" celebrating our 28th Anniversary and having the following song playing as we sip some cocktails on either our front porch (which is kinda tiny) or on some beach somewhere all the while celebrating what a great life we've had together and committing to making what years we have left together...the BEST ONES!


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