Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I wish I Could...

Can I get a "It's Mama Kat's Pretty Much World Famous Writing Workshop" time?!?!?!

Assignment:  I wish I could...

I wish I could get my kids to eat one of the most simplest things to prepare and that's not too shabby on the nutritional scale...PEANUT BUTTER!

I had some great "feedback" here on the blog and on my Facebook page regarding my half-ass attempt at giving the kids peanut butter for the first time in their lives.  In the event you missed that, I put together a really rad video was a TOTAL BUST!

When it came to the "feedback", people sat in one of two "camps".  The ADVICE camp or the LMAO/MY KIDS HATE IT TOO camp.  Equally respected and appreciated, I might add.

Here were some of the comments from the LMAO/MY KIDS HATE IT TOO camp:

OMG those video's almost made me pee my pants laughing! haha! Especially the top one... you're hilarious! - Heather, my real-life scrapbooking bud

OMG Ging! You're so funny!! Kids are adorable! Btw my kids HATE pb!!??- Karen, my hometown bestie

VERY funny...!! Breanna doesn't like peanut butter either..never has.- Chery, my sister

Way too funny.  They are just like Grandma, they do not like Peanut Butter...yeah!- Grandma, my mom

No!  Peanut Butter Kisses from Grampa. - my dad (who loves PB)

Here were some of my wise and wonderful friends comments who sat in the ADVICE camp:

What the hell is fouette? Do I need to ship you some REAL peanut butter? And come on! Put some jelly on it. No one eats peanut butter DRY... on DRY toast. To be fair you really should do the PB&J sandwich with nice, soft bread. Go classic. - Becca, My Sista from Another Mista

LOL...I AGREE with Rebecca!! My God Ging lol. Try the pb&j or you could also try a banana, pb wrap They're pretty good!! - Amanda, my real-life pain in the arse bestie

I totally agree with Rebecca your toast and peanut butter didn't even look good!! Put some jam on it and stop worrying about making a mess!!!LOL - LeeAnn, my real-life hometown bestie

Shout Out: Becca you would totally get along with my gal pals...they already think your RIGHT?!?!  LMAO!

Perhaps they never liked the peanut butter because you tried to give it to them on BURNT toast!!!!!! Wth?? Hahaha! - Raeline, my real-life buddy

Who needs peanut butter toast anyway? Everybody knows it's better in a Reese's Cup! -Melissa, my bloggy world bud (That's the next step BTW!)

With the whole "DIEING FACTOR" off the table and given all the disgust at how I had served it on dry, burnt toast input, I decided to give Peanut Butter another "shot". 

I got the SOFT bread out AND some strawberry jam and away I went...

I handed over the "goods"...

And well, I think the video speaks for itself....

Side Note:  You gotta love that I let my kids sit in front of the TV to eat as Yo Gabba Gabba blares!  Yup!  Mother of the year.  Right. Here.  LMAO!

On burnt toast, on soft bread, with jam, without jam....
My Kids DO NOT like Peanut Butter! 
(Reese Peanut Butter Cups...Here We Come!  LMAO!)

This "inspirational writing" thing is so much F-U-N...go link up with MAMA!

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  1. those poor deprived kids :)

    they should come visit their friends in Jhb who will show them the deliciousness of pb. What about apple slices with pb? Or rice crackers smeared with pb and raisins for eyes, carrot for mouth :)

    Or just like God made it out the bottle?

    Mind you, I don't eat pb on bread but I eat it in stirfry, on apples, with chips, YUM!

  2. hahaha...

    Send me your address. I'll send the kids some Reese's, compliments of (bloggie) Auntie Melissa :-)

  3. It's kinda like that Green Eggs and Ham book ... they do not like it anywhere! :)

    Visiting from Mama Kat's :)

  4. I'm still confused by the fouette... DAMN French!

    But there's also the whole, Quit-Shoving-An-Effing-Camera-In-My-Face-While-I'm-Trying-To-Eat-Mom thing going on.

    But if they don't like peanut butter cups then they aren't really your children (they're probably aliens from a non-eating-peanut-butter-planet) and should be reminded that they can be replaced. ;)

  5. I like his response to do you like peanut butter? Classic! I don't know what to say to help, my kids love peanut butter and thank goodness since it's cheap and easy!

  6. Oh my gosh..that is so funny.. I think however Bryce likes to use his peanut butter sandwich as a boat or a car.. see..he DOES have a use for it!

  7. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I can't believe your little peanuts don't like peanut butter! My girls LOVE it! OMG! Peanut butter on toast (with a touch of honey), on bread with jam, it doesn't matter! They absolutely love it!
    Bryce was too funny spitting the sandwich back out...gotta give him props for trying it multiple times at least! HA! And props to you for trying more than once to get them to like it! =)

  8. Have you tried putting some on a banana? It's actually good.

    Also, you can "ants on a log" by putting some peanut butter on celery with some raisins on it (those are the ants).

    Twix, peanut butter cups are definitely winners--I'd try that for sure to get them started.

    I did this prompt too.



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