Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's Doomsday...I Mean Peanut Butter Day Tomorrow!

Come again?  It's Peanut Butter Day's also Saturday Songs That Make US Sing Linky Party so, be sure to come & add your song to the "playlist" AND it's Peanut Butter Day too!

Ave & Bryce turned TWO at the end of January and they have NEVER had Peanut Butter.  I know.  WTH?

It's important for you to know that I "broke" almost every "first parent rule" there was:
  • My kids had pablum (rice cereal) at 9 weeks old AND in their bottles to boot!
  • My kids started eating pureed foods at 4 months old and solids by 6 months.
  • At 7 months they ate eggs and Fillet Mignon cooked MEDIUM RARE.
  • They used the self-feeding Podee system until they were able to hold their own cups.
  • My kids get Tylenol and/or Advil at the FIRST sign of discomfort.  (Hey!  I don't like to be in pain so why would they?)
  • I used this "teething magic potion" from a Pharmacy in some small town, with no labelled ingredients (think back shelf, gotta whisper to get it "stuff") but MAN DID IT WORK!
  • Ave & Bryce know that they DON'T want me to get to "3" when I count.  (Meaning, I don't really care much for "time outs" & I also don't believe "a little smack on the hand" is ALWAYS a bad parenting strategy...)

I think you get the point...

BUT the one "RULE" I never even considered breaking was the "NO PEANUT BUTTER BEFORE AGE TWO" rule!

Why?  I'm not sure.  It's probably a combination of Daddy Dave's super paranoid "ways" and the fact that society has lead me to believe that every kid WILL DIE the MINUTE their lips touch peanuts. Whatever the reason, I have never fed my kids peanut butter.

Tomorrow morning their little taste buds will either be totally tantalized by the creamy, yummy goodness of peanut butter or we'll be spending the day in emergency....wish "us" luck!  LOL!


  1. I think you are a great parent and even i was suprised with the egg so early thing...I think if any one has a problem with the pb it will be Bryce but i'm sure they will both be fine and maybe not even like kids still won't eat peanut butter!

  2. My Aunt told me not to give my son popcorn before age 2...ooops! He is in his "I only want pb&j" phase now, a month before his 3rd birthday. At least it's cheaper than my "I only want Popeye's fried chicken" phase when I was his age! As long as the food is generally healthy, they will be ok!

  3. Oh, wow! Such a big day. I'm sure it will be fine. And, can I just say, you are my hero--the way you threw caution to the wond and broke all the rules. I was such a neurotic mess.

    Funny story about the first time our two had peanut butter. They were at the pediatrician's office, going crazy, and the dr asked if they'd like a snack. At that point, we'd take anything. She asked if they had ever had peanut butter (they were over a year at that point). We told her no but what better place to try than at a doctor's office! They were fine.

  4. You make me laugh! :)

    Our girls didn't have PB until after they were two, either. I was excited to finally give it to them...and they didn't like it! They'll eat it *occasionally* now but not often. Give yo' mama a break, girls! I don'ts gots to cook peanut butter! HA!

    Hope your sampling goes smoothly!

  5. Hope all goes well..and they end up loving it as much as I do!! Peanut butter and banana Yum J9

  6. Ginger, you KILL me!

    I LOL at all the rules broken.

    Now I'm the poster girl for breaking food rules. I just watch them closely the first time. My kids had peanut butter at 9 months (and remember they're 2 months prem!), raisins about the same age, popcorn at 1 year and everything possible :)



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