Monday, February 13, 2012

Love Day NORWEX GIVEAWAY!! Come FEEL the Love Friends...

If you happened to miss my post yesterday on my Valentines Day Cleaning Party then you missed that I announced I was going to be hosting a FABULOUS Giveaway this week!!

Since it is LOVE day & I LOVE Norwex...

WoW!  I Know.  It is likely that you may not have heard of Norwex Products and I am so excited to share some of my favorite products in my GIVEAWAY BASKET.

A little information about Norwex- they aim to provide a variety of cleaning and personal care products that radically reduce the use of harmful chemicals in our everyday living.  With their Microfibre-Silver technology cleaning cloths, it IS possible to trap germs and "clean" our home with JUST water, eliminating the need to use harsh, abrasive common house cleaners.  If cleaning with JUST water sounds "impossible" you really need to check their website out to see how it is a FACT.  But, they do also have a variety of environmentally, safe cleaning products as well. 

It would take a few blog posts to explain in great detail all the "magic" of their products and the vast amount of benefits in using them so, if you really are interested in knowing how to live a more environmentally, chemical free life, please visit my consultant, Tammy Croteau's web page.  If you have any questions about Norwex, she will answer your email promptly and professionally.  She is extremely knowledgeable and above all, super friendly.  If you do head over there for a "peek" be sure to let her know I sent ya!

*I was not given these items from Norwex or any consultant of Norwex.  I just had a very successful party on Sunday and because I already have ALL these wonderful products, I thought I'd pass on some of my FREE Hostess Gifts to YOU!!

 Enviro Cloth-This is a Multipurpose, antibac microfibre Enviro Cloth.  Use it damp to clean all surfaces and with their silver technology, there is no transferring of bacteria from surface to surface.  You can use it dry to dust as well.
Window Cloth- Throw Away Your Windex...FOREVER!  Use the Enviro Cloth (damp) to wipe all glass surfaces and then use this cloth to dry/polish.  No Streaks...Easy Peasy!  (Great to polish those wine glasses or any crystal before company comes.)
Dust Mitt- Talk about easy dusting.  This microfibre mitt catches all the dust, leaving none behind OR on your floors!
Optic Cloth- The best cloth for cleaning eyeglasses, camera lenses, computer screens, CD's, DVD's, phone screens, etc. 
Veggie & Fruit Cloth- Get THAT terrible waxy coating on your fruits & veggies off, along with all the chemicals used to "preserve" them.  Use rough side to scrub off wax and smooth side for polishing.   Watch your produce last twice as long!
Dish Cloth- This loosely woven, netted cloth is great for washing your dishes with dish soap (it doesn't have the microfibre silver technology).   Great scrubbing action.
*1 Kitchen Cloth- Can you say OMG?  These are super soft and super awesome at cleaning all kitchen surfaces and dishes.  Best Part?  They don't stink, even after days of use...I swear!
*1 Face Cloth- Can you say OMG?  The softest face/body cloth you will EVER use.  Once you use this cloth it's really hard to return to those "OTHER" facecloths.

*These two products are sold in a package of 3 but I can only bring myself to part with one of each for you to try...LOL!

So, How Does That Goodie Basket Sound?Interested? 
Well, there are lots of ways to get multiple entries just below. 
Giveaway is open to all United States and Canadian Residents
(Sorry my international friends.)
Giveaway Closed February 28th. 
Winner will be contacted via email and "goodie basket" will be mailed out shortly after.

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