Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Meet My Sista From Another Mista...

Thursday is always a  GREAT day because it's Link Up to Mama Kat's Pretty Much World Famous Writing Workshop time!

Assignment: Share a story about a sibling.

Ok, so for the record I only have one blood-related SISTER, Chery.  But, I have lots of friends who I consider to be my "sisters" too! 

Over the last 7 months, I have been making a "connection" with Becca from Because I'm the Mommy and she is officially my SISTA FROM ANOTHER MISTA!  (I crack myself up sometimes. LOL!)

Rewind to June of last year.  On a whim I decided that I was gonna start to blog.  I had no real idea how to do that, where to start or what on earth I was doing.  I fancy myself a quick learner and within a few minutes hours, I was up and running.  I can't tell you FOR SURE how I stumbled upon Becca's blog but when I did, I was totally "enthralled".  Her writing style had me in stitches and her "say it like it is" attitude had me mesmerized.  After I read her through her The Good, The Bad and Call Social Services posts....I was hooked.  I was officially a stalker fan. 

My memory doesn't serve me very well these days so, some of my "details" may be sketchy but the first time I can recall us really communicating outside of comments on our blogs was when I sent a call out for someone to Co-Host the Saturday Songs That Make US Sing Blog Hop.  By the way, you should check it out this Saturday.  It's totally the coolest Saturday Hop out there!  Don't believe me?  Ask Becca because she knows EVERYTHING!  Which brings me to how she took me under her wings and taught me everything from Alexa Ratings to Blog Design and without her invaluable input I would probably have never continued blogging...she truly helped me wade through the first few months(and still does) and while I have tried to "pass on" my learned wisdom to others, no one has idolized considered me all that useful like I found her to be. LOL!

Anywho, over the last 7 months it's been somewhat scary (in a good way) just how much we have in common and how much we think alike.  Firstly, we were born within 24 hours of each other...same year! No joke.  (Correction (09/21/12)- as it turns out, my "dear" sista from another mista was born the year AFTER me...I always wanted to be a BIG SISTER.  LOL!)  We both grew up in small towns and have that "small town way charm" about us...LOL!  We were married in the same year (different months, but still!).  We both have twins, she also has a beautiful daughter!  There have been more than a "few" incidents where we have written the same "type" things, picked similar songs and we seem to share the same brain thoughts about parenting, marriage, politics(ok, we've never discussed this "one" but I bet we do!), religion and pretty much life in general.  One of the only differences I have found so far is that she's got "Celebrity Status" in her hometown whereas, I don't even know if my neighbours know I exist.

Last Friday we were "reunited".  You know, since we were OBVIOUSLY separated at birth...

We Could Have Been Twins!

CONFESSION TIME- Becca told me she didn't have any baby pictures of herself BUT I had to make my point...the one about us being separated at birth.  So, in actuality, these are BOTH pictures of ME as a baby (I'm sure we DID looked very similar...LMAO!).

Seriously Though...Can't You See The Resemblance?

                            Becca                                                   Me

 When I sent her an email a couple weeks back to see if she would be interested in "chatting" like for R-E-A-L and she responded YES...I was as giddy as school girl who finally gets to hang with the "cool crowd" at recess. 

On Friday night, we had our first phone conversation.  (Ok, so we weren't literally reunited  "in person" but it's the closest we'll get until one of us wins the lottery.) I couldn't get the kids to bed fast enough so I could give her a "holler".  I won't lie.  I was nervous.  I was a little worried that our communication "electronically" may not translate that well to an actual phone conversation.  I. Was. WRONG! (I don't often admit that BTW)

It started of with some pleasantries but it quickly moved into what felt like two old friends reminiscing about our lives. It brought me back to my high school years when my girlfriends and I would spend hours just gabbing about everything and anything....

We TOTALLY Would Have Been BFF's In High School!
Granted, she would have won Homecoming and been voted "Most Likely to Win America's Next Top Model" BUT I so would have "beat" her with the "Biggest Hair Award"!  (Hey!  Sibling Rivalry is healthy...LOL!)

                                          Becca                                     Me

After 2 1/2 hours of chatting and laughing (I haven't laughed that hard and genuinely in a LONG time) we had to say good-bye....for now.  We plan to talk via Skype or the phone on a regular basis.  We both are turning the BIG 4-0 in less than 2 years and the best present would be to meet her "in person" and give her a big fat ole SISTER HUG! (Sorry Becca, I know you hate all "THAT" mushie "stuff" LOL!)

                                Becca                                                    Me
It only took us 38 years to "find each other" but we've got the best years of our life ahead of us to make up for lost time "sis"!

You know, I get a lot of people in my "real world" asking me why I blog and what I "get" from it.  I often go into a big long explanation about "it" and they get this glazed over look shortly after I begin.  Then their "glazed look" turns to skepticism when I tell them that I have made REAL friendships with REAL people.  I guess if you aren't a blogger, you just don't "get it"?!?! 

Now, I will just direct them to this post and they can Meet My Sista From Another Mista themselves!

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  1. I love this!

    So glad you were "reunited" with your long-lost sis/BFF!

  2. How great! And I totally feel that way about some of the ladies I've met in blog-world. :) I'm glad you clicked 'in real life' too! How fun.

  3. I love, love, LOVE this post esp in light of my friendship kick.

    Listen, I'm going to make a button and so from tomorrow or next week, if you write a friendship post, can you put it here too as a Friendship Friday?

    I get so happy that you reached out and made a move on Becca! LOL!

    I think I'm going to use you for my case study tomorrow (that's being fancy for "going to link to you") :)

  4. I agree--some people totally just dont get it. The frienships Ive made will last far longer than some of the ones Ive made IRL.

  5. What a blessing! Friends like that are few and far between. :)

  6. I love reading your blog, so I left a little something for you over on my latest post.

  7. OMG! That was AWESOME! (You know I wasn't super popular in HS right? I just had a really good photographer. I think that pic says I'm sweet and sensitive and not at all a psychotic "Heather". Yes I Googled it.)

    You make me laugh; I was cracking up through the whole thing. *hugs* I can't wait to chat again!

  8. where is becca from I am not sure I want another daughter 2 is enough and granddaughters but interesting post and I may agree to adopt



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