Friday, February 10, 2012

Saturday Songs That Make Us Sing Linky Party! My First Love & Heartbreak...

Happy 2nd Week of February Everyone!

Keeping with my desire to wear my heart on my sleeve, I am going to share not ONE but TWO "love" songs that pretty much sum up my very first Love AND Heartbreak...

So, get your dancing shoes on and those singing voices ready because ME, Ginger of Just Another Mom of Twins and Becca of Because I'm the Mommy are hosting "Songs That Make Us Sing Saturday Blog Hop!!" 
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Just Another Mom of Twins

Wouldn't you know that the two "Mall Tour Rivals" of the late 1980's would be able to sum up my very first "LOVE" and "HEARTBREAK"?!?!

Yup!  I am talking about Tiffany and Debbie Gibson...

I was nearing the very end of Grade 9 when I met a boy one year older than I but to me, he felt like he was about 10 years more mature.  We didn't, ummmm, "hang" in the same circle of friends, to say the least.  So, when I caught his eye one Saturday afternoon while waiting for the bus, I was totally taken aback.  His "bad boy" status had me totally intrigued and I couldn't help but let his voice carry me off to a place I had never been before.  You know the place I'm talking about right?  Where you feel like the only girl in the whole wide world that this boy wants to be with.  *gasp. sigh.* 

When we were at school, we never "let on" like we knew each other but with a wink of an eye across the cafeteria or the smile we'd exchange as we passed in the halls,  my heart would race and my mind could think of nothing else but the end of the day when we would meet away from the school and he'd walk me home.  The first few weeks of summer were heaven...

Tiffany's Song, I Think We're Alone Now, was the anthem for my first real "Love".  Ok, so how REAL it REALLY was is questionable, as it didn’t last very long.  At.All. LOL!

It was over as fast as it started.  Turns out he fancied "Busty Blonde's" rather than pleasantly plump brunettes.  LMAO!  I am laughing now only because I am older & wiser.  But if truth be known, that whole "short lived love affair" really set the foundation for the way in which I would "love" and allow myself to be treated in relationships for many, many years to come.  For the record, that wasn’t always a  positive thing. 

14 years old  is too young to THINK you are in love and way too young to deal with the heartbreak of rejection, especially when no one knew you were even "in-love".  Debbie helped me through it all.  God Bless Her Soul.


  1. Such tough lessons of growing up--we can look back now with smiles and wisdom, but those "maturation moments" were not easy to go through, and I'm beginning to see glimpses of these very moments in my older children and I wish I could make them see that things really will turn out OK. But I guess that's just the way life is--we have to go through things ourselves for them to really mean something to us.

  2. OMG! The denim jackets, the tu-tus and the huge bangs! First love and first heartbreak... We all have to go through them at some point. Like Ang, I wanted so badly to shield my own daughter from it, but you just can't.

    The life lessons we learn have to come from our own experiences. Great picks this week as always!

  3. Hmmm, I'm almost positive I linked up around 6AM-ish. Did it not take for some reason? That's wierd. But thanks for linking me back up, or for the first time today, or ?? Maybe I'm losing it faster than I thought! LOL



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