Friday, February 10, 2012

Short and Sweet. Ok, not SWEET just SHORT.

Ok, so I know I said I'd post the final segment of the "Joey Tomatos Sucks is NOT Kid Friendly" saga but I never got around to "transcribing" that one yet but I will...promise!

Today I thought I'd just keep it short and sweet.  Ok, short but not sweet.  More of a Short Rant.

This whole "BRAT BAN" movement is largely being credited to the D.I.N.K.'s (Dual Income No Kids) of society in conjunction with some of the inconsiderate parents that no not know how to properly discipline allow their kids to misbehave in restaurants/public places.

There is no doubt that there are D.I.N.K.'s that would like to see the world "rid" of children and since that is not at all a possibility they are of the mindset that children are meant to be seen not heard.  Likewise, there is no doubt that there are parents out there that feel that the world should revolve around their precious little beings and give little, to no consideration to the fact doesn't.

That being said, I prefer to believe that those D.I.N.K.'s and those dinks parents do not represent society on a whole.  They are the few and far between that are ultimately making this "BRAT BAN" a reality.  I just don't understand how "we" let this happen.  Since when is it acceptable for society to be discriminatory against others?  Oh right!  Since the beginning of time.  Geesh, I thought we had come so much farther than that?!?!

I KNOW.  I am being all dramatic but it really gets my feathers ruffled!

Perhaps one person can not change this "movement" but when I feel strongly about something I just can't "go with the flow" and accept what I believe is "wrong". And so, that is why I will take a stand against giving our hard earned money to any establishment that chooses to exclude people form their business.  Of course, I will always be sure to "inform" them of their misguided "ways" and hang on to some hope that change may occur as a result.

For the record, "THEY" are not all DINKS because then that would make all of "US" parents INCONSIDERATE!

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