Thursday, March 15, 2012

Maybe I Got a Little Martha in Me Afterall? Ave & Bryce's Rooms...

As a follow up to yesterdays post about how I totally rocked Retro Chic for the kids nursery, I think I also totally rocked "Cute-Stylish" when Bryce moved out of their shared bedroom and in to his own. 

The dilemma for me was whether to change EVERYTHING or make what we had work.  Since they were only 5 months old and I was still pretty tired and settling into the whole "Mom of twins. I am so excited and blessed.  What have I gotten myself into?!?" phase, I opted to go with what I had and keep it on a shoestring budget.

Bryce's Quiet Time Space
"Retro-Chic-Boy Style"
At a glance...see the frame on the left?  I placed photos from the IVF, first ultrasound,
when we found out their genders & 4 weeks after they were born.  Bryce LOVES to hear
me talk about each picture after his morning cute!

This is something Daddy Dave says to the kids all the time so I thought it would be
 super cute to have it made out of vinyl to stick to the wall.  I also had all the
circles and squares made to give the room some color and "style" LOL!

Bryce "walked" away with about 70% of the Retro Chic Nursery Decor simply because
of the color seemed more "him".
I hope he loves the mirror as much as mama & the Lazyboy as much as Dad!

Ave's Quiet Time Space
"Flower Power"

At a glance...see the "hope chest" by the window?  My parents gave one to each of the kids for their 1st Birthday...that's where I keep all the "can't throw it away" stuff...LOL!
One of my Bestie's bought me this crib set before I even got pregnant.  When we found out we were having twins I put it in the closet.   I am so happy I didn't sell it or give it away!
 It became my decorating "inspiration"...

I love this saying and it's so true.  No matter WHAT, we should always
kiss our loved ones goodnight!

I ordered vinyl flowers in different sizes and colors to match the new crib set.
 I found that stand up mirror on Kijiji for $20...SWEET!

Ave loves her BEAUTIFUL'S (flowers & bows that go in her hair) so, I had her name made into
 an organizer for them.  Coolest thing, they just clip onto ribbons hanging down.

Sadly, I had to remove the Retro Stick Ons, they really didn't "smatch" the cute flower theme.
I had some matching frames and made a little photo collage of her & her brother (mostly her though).
Grandma gave her their old rocking chair and with a few pillows here and there...
VOILA...a new decor was created!

Alright.  I admit.  I am no Martha Stewart BUT man, I LOVE TO DECORATE! 

Happy Friday Everyone


  1. Ginger, this all looks so great!!! I'm in the process of re "doing" my twins' room, I LOVEthe idea of having vinyls made up specifically!

  2. It looks awesome! I think you have a lot of Martha in you!

  3. The decoration is so cute! love it:)



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