Monday, March 5, 2012

Newborn MUST HAVES! Mama Loved....

I am once again linking up with Julia over at Pontifications of a Twin Mom for her Mama Love's Hop!  Go Check it our to see what other Mama's LOVE...

I am re-posting one of my more popular posts from last summer, A "Welcome Baby" Gift...Oprah Style!

Without further delay, I present to you some of my VERY favorite "New Baby(ies)" MUST HAVES...

The following items are some of the things that I either "couldn't live without" OR my "bargain" finds that helped stretch the dollars a little further.

 Zipper Sleepers Only...Pleezzee!
(I hate fiddling with those snaps)

Wal-Mart George Brand  3 sleepers $12.00 AND they wash like rags!

The Bib Collection
Small starter size, mid-size & super-sized

BEST Baby Wash Cloths...E-V-E-R!
Norwex Antibacterial Baby Wash Cloths
THE softest wash cloths out there, by far!  I use these for bath time only.

Dollar Store BARGAINS!!! 
Washcloths- for faces & hands
Burp Cloths- small for "outings"
Bottle/Nipple Cleaner

BEST INVENTION- E-V-E-R!! (clothing)
They go on over baby socks and those darn little socks NEVER come off!

BEST INVENTION- E-V-E-R!! (feeding)
THE best hands-free feeding system out there!

This is Bryce at 10 weeks using it!

Baby Nighties
I hate buttons, I like zippers but I LOVED these baby nighties for the first 12 weeks
(Easy access for "bum" changes!)

A local pharmacy makes this "Butt Balm" and it is the much so that I had my in-laws UPS me some
when I ran out while visiting in the States....LOL!

This Mama LOVED ALL These Baby Items!

~Happy Tuesday Everyone~


  1. I have managed to get many mommies hooked on the sock-ons since you gave me a pair for Maddie. If only I received commission for all of those sales....

  2. Why didn't I knw about those self-feeding things when my twins were babies???

  3. Ooh, those "sock ons" look awesome! I could use some of those now! Bri will NOT keep her socks on, and kick proof socks aren't cutting it!
    I didn't know about those self feeding things eitehr! Where did you find those???

  4. OMG I didn't even know that upright bottle thingy existed!!!!! I might start bottle feeding my kiddos again just to use it! And my kids NEVER held a bottle themselves either, how I could have used that! Don't worry, they can feed themselves now, 4 years later ;)
    My Twintastic Life

  5. I am just loving every bit of it! thanks for the! Lisa Newborn Baby



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