Wednesday, April 25, 2012

If I Could Eat ANYTHING I Wanted In One Day...

After being away for over a month,  I am once again letting  Mama Kat spark some creativeness and I am linking on up with her Pretty Much World Famous Writing Workshop!

Assignment:  If you had one day to eat anything you want and not gain a single ounce what would it be? (inspired by The Coffee Pot Chronicles)

Disclaimer #1:  Said writer, that's me, is addicted to food.  Always has been.  Always will be.  Perhaps that's the reason that said writer, that's me, is also overweight.  The following post depicts an "ideal" eating menu but has never been consumed in it's totality by said writer, that's least in ONE single day.  LMAO!

Breakfast- Coffee, Southern Pecan Creamer & 1 1/2 ozs of Kahlua & a Cinnabon.  Repeat twice (at least).

Mid-Morning "Snack"-  Eggs Benedict with apple smoked bacon (not ham) on a TOASTED english muffin WITH EXTRA Hollandaise sauce, 4 chicken breakfast sausages (well done), shredded hashbrowns (you know the kind they make at the waffle house where they scoop like a cup of oil on the grill so the shredded potatoes don't stick....oooohhhhh yaaaa....THAT kind), 2 pieces of WHITE toast and becel & an extra large glass of 1% milk (maybe two!)

Lunch- A toasted turkey sandwich with all white meat with a little 'bit of mayonnaise and a LARGE serving of my friend Rhonda's Pesto-Sun Dried Tomato pasta salad and a glass of red wine (or two).

Afternoon Snack-  Bacon wrapped water chestnuts, spinach dip w/pumpernickel bread, bubba dip, baked Bre with pecans and brown sugar, sesame cracker crisps and a couple apple martini's.

Supper- A traditional swiss fondue with all the dippins' (for my starter) My mom's Cesar salad with fresh shredded mozza, croutons, real bacon bits & her homemade dressing (for my appy.  Umm no!  A starter is MUCH different than an appy!  Thank You.)  Fillet Mignon (6 oz.  Hey!  I gotta keep this girlish figure somehow...LMAO!) WITH a blue cheese crust cooked medium rare, stuffed mushrooms and prosciutto wrapped asparagus (grilled).  A Bye-Bye Diet Brownie for dessert (what the hell...let's throw caution to the wind!) A bottle of red wine (lol).

Late Nite Snack- Hickory Sticks, Ripple Chips & Dill Pickle Dip, a Mirage Chocolate Bar, Chocolate Covered Raisins/Almonds & Caffeine Free Diet Coke with a shot (or two) of Captains Morgan Spiced Rum and a slice of lime.

WoW!  There.  I said it for you.

Disclaimer #2- I already mentioned that I am addicted to food...right?!  I should of mentioned that I also like a drinkie-poo or two too!  Anywho, I think that I read the prompt more like "If you could eat anything, regardless of the capacity of your stomach what would it be?" Bawhahahaha!

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  1. went all the way with this one - I LOVE it! I love to eat as well and admire how you threw in the martinis with meals here as well, haha! Can you imagine if we really could eat like this and be ok? Sigh....

  2. Oops - meant to mention I'm stopping by from Mama Kat's writing prompt this week :) Great post!

  3. Love cinnabons and now I can't stop thinking about them! Nor can I stop thinking about shredded hash browns! Wish we could go out to eat together, it would be quite a sight!
    My Twintastic Life



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