Monday, April 23, 2012

My Bittersweet Electronic V-Kay...

Ok, so I kinda put myself on a bit of an Electronic Break this last month during my holiday to Florida.  It was bittersweet to be honest.

Not "allowing" myself daily access to email, facebook, google and my blog was "refreshing".  I could almost feel the addiction  need to be constantly connected electronically fade and it was somewhat liberating.  However, I really missed my cyberworld friends and keeping "up" on the daily happenings in their corner of the world.  I also missed some pretty important email communications regarding a committee I sit on and well, that was a bit problematic.  It is evident that the world in which I live in highly depends on me being "connected" (professionally and personally) and I just have to find some balance...

And so, I have returned to my little space here on the W.orld W.ide W.eb and it FEELS GREAT!  I have lots of "catching up" to do and since my jibber-jabber-gotta complain about something-gotta share a totally pointless point of view mindset has had a holiday, you should expect some exceptionally enlightening, outstanding  "rusty" posts in the next few days...LMAO!

Until I can get those creative juices flowing once again, here are some "highlights" of my totally awesome V-Kay!

Ave & Bryce had a ton of fun on their first Easter Egg Hunt!

There were KID POOL TIMES at my parents park so they enjoyed some "water play" on the off times.

They helped Grampa celebrate his Birthday and blow out his candles!

They are my two little "Restaurant Goer's"

They were little socialites as they enjoyed a picnic in the park!

Daddy Dave & I enjoyed a mini Vay-K to Gatorland & Disney World

We finished off our "alone time together" at Medieval Times...An entire post coming soon!
 It was SOOOO Much FUN!

Happy Monday Friends!!


  1. Looks like a great trip was had by all! Happy birthday Mr. B!! ❤karen

  2. Hey Ginger

    Missed you tons :) And glad you had a good vay-kay :)even if you missed being connected!

  3. Good to hear from your little corner of the blogospere Ginger. Welcome back!

  4. Glad you are back! I love those little bunny ears - are they hats? So cute!



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