Monday, May 21, 2012

Bubble Land & the Bubble Fairy! Mama Loves...

As far as weather in concerned, I live in one of the most unpredictable, best bring a parka AND a pair of shorts when you go out, places in the world.  Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Early last week the kids and I spent hours in the backyard soaking up the hot sunshine and playing with an abundance of "new" outdoor toys.  By the end of the week we were snuggled up inside with the heat blasting as it snowed.  Weird or What?

Anyways, during the "set up" of the backyard play area (because up here in Canada ya gotta put away all the outdoor toys or the weight of the snow or the pulverizing powers of hail could leave you "toyless") I found a box filled with surprises.  Sure, I bought every single item in the box but it was just as much of a SURPRISE as to the contents of the box as it was to the kids.  I shop lots and therefore forget what it is I have pre-purchased.  Allow me to explain...

I BUY EVERYTHING ON SALE/CLEARANCE.  I am always a season ahead of the times (buying winter stuff in the summer and summer stuff in the winter) and it saves us lots of money allows the kids to get much more for the same amount of money I would have budgeted for if I were buying current-season items.  It's a WIN-WIN-WIN... 
  1. I WIN because I love to shop and get bargains. 
  2. Daddy Dave WINS because it doesn't cost anymore than it should (RE: budget). 
  3. The kids WIN because they get lots of totally cool things to play with.
I have been slowly taking one "SURPRISE" out each day we play outside.  The very first item I pulled out on Mother's day was the Bubble Making Machine. Oh. My.  WHAT FUN!!  I really didn't anticipate it would work so well but if the wind is "just right" it fills the entire backyard with bubbles and transports us to what I have coined to be  "Bubble Land!"

At first the kids wanted it on continuously however, given that it uses about a 250 ml of bubble solution in no time and requires SIX AA batteries to operate, I had to teach them something new.  I love when I can come up a plan to STOP THE WHINING get the opportunity to teach them something new...

After about 10 minutes of continuous bubble making, I shut it off.  The whining and pleading polite requests to have it turned back on ensured.  After 2 seconds another 10 minutes, I couldn't take it anymore so I made a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT.  When mommy declares that she has to make a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, the kids stop & listen.  It's kinda impressive.  Anywho, it went something like this:

Note:  It may help if you picture me waving my arms up and down using a voice with extreme excitement/disappointment and an overly-enthusiastic clap and cheer/dance at the end!

"Guess What?? (Both Ave & Bryce were quite and listening intensely)  The Bubble Fairy just sent me a message and she told me that the bubble maker can not be used all the time because then the magic will disappear and we wont have any bubbles at all.  OH NO!  That's not good news is it?  That's ok.  Not to worry...she explained that she will let ME know when it can go on AND when it must be turned off.   ISN'T THAT EXCITING????  But you can't ask because then the Bubble Fairy wont come by and let us use the machine.  Ok?  Do you Understand? (to which they nodded)  YA HOOO!!  This is so exciting we will never know when the Bubbles are coming....HOW EXCITING it will always be a SURPRISE when it's time to visit AND leave Bubble Land!"

And this would be "Bubble Land"

Did it work?  Oh. Yes. It. Did.  They need reminders from time to time but all and all the Bubble Fairy came through.

I highly recommend this investment...tons and tons of fun!  (Yes, you can use the Bubble fairy story too if your kids are as whinny persistent as mine...LOL!)

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  1. I love the idea of the Bubble Fairy! It reminds me of how I tell Emily and Drew that we can't watch Elmo on Mommy's phone because Elmo is sleeping....hahaha!

  2. I love the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT :)

    I'm so boring - I just say "what are the RULES?"

    You are too cute and thank you for the lovely comment on my silly pics!

  3. I have been thinking about a bubble machine...good to know about the batteries and the amount of bubble solution, though!

    I, too, am cracking up at the thought of you waving your arms and making such a grand announcement. HA!

    And, on a serious note (although that's kind of an oxymoron with what I'm about to say)'re the coolest, most fun mom, Ginger! I so wish we lived closer! I just love reading your posts and seeing (via the crossed-out text, at least) what goes through your mind. As you would say, "LMAO!"

    Hahaha! Sending a random hug to you, just because I can. :)

  4. Bubble Land looks like a lovely place! :) And I love how you communicate with the Bubble Fairy. What a great way to keep things in moderation, eliminate whining! Very creative! :)

    I've heard such wonderful things about bubble makers. The librarian turns a bubble maker on at the end of story-time, and the girls things it's about the best thing ever! I'm sure bubble land would blow them away (pun intended--ha!).

    Thank you for sharing this this week!!



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