Thursday, May 17, 2012

Calling All Cyber-Blogging Moms of Multiples...

Hey There Ladies!

I am a member of the Twins, Triples & More Association of Calgary and currently volunteer as one of five Sale Coordinators for our Bi-Annual Used Children's Clothing and Equipment Sale.  It has been coined the largest of it's kind in Calgary.

I am so interested in creating a Link-Up post for other mommies of multiples to share how their club organized and holds their sales and to share general information about their Multiple Association.  Are you interested too?

I was thinking about putting together a simple (maybe a tad long...LOL) questionnaire that you could fill out and answer in one of your posts and then come on by and LINK UP.  I would also like to include some general questions about your "Multiple Club" in your area so that we could all get a better understanding of the support/networks we have or do not have.  We might even get an idea or two from each other.  Sound good?

If you ARE wanting to participate and get the low-down on how other Associations operate and want to share your own experiences, please leave me your name and email address here or you can contact me directly at  I will send off the questionnaire and have a date when the linky will go live.

I am just so curious about how fellow mommy of multiples "unload" all their kids "stuff" and connect with other families of multiples...LOL!   I am soooo excited....can you tell????

Here are a few pics of our Spring 2012 Sale that occurred on April 27th:

Large Equipment & Outdoor Items

View of some of the clothing tables.
Toys, Toys and more TOYS!

Come On...Let's Share! It will be fun AND informative!! 

Happy Thursday Friends


  1. I'd love to participate!

    When our girls were born, I didn't know any other multiple mamas, and we didn't have a MoMs group here, either.

    A few months into it, I got in touch with a friend of a friend who had twins the same time as we did...and we decided to start our own club.

    We're in our third year now, and we have about 50 families in our area. I know that's tiny compared to larger cities, but I'm super proud of how far we've come in such a short time.

    And I've benefited so, so much...that's where I met all my mommy friends! :)

  2. Many thanks for the exciting blog posting! I really enjoyed reading it

  3. WOW you are organized and have a huge sale. My multiples club hosts a garage sale twice a year but it's at someone's house. I'd love to share some of the things we do and hear what others are doing. I'm running for President (eek) of my multiples club next year so I'll take all the advice I can get.

  4. You might consider starting a fb page just for that purpose. It makes it really easy to share info quickly.

  5. Here's a like button for Rebecca's idea. My first MOM sale was in Sugar Land, TX and it was half the size of the Calgary sale. I think you and the rest of the TTMAC crew did an awesome job. I hope to start selling our used stuff in the fall sale (fingers crossed)

  6. Your sale looks a lot like our MoMs' sale. I haven't sold yet--too much organization required and too little of me!

    Let me know how I can help (just be patient--I am really working on the time!)



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