Thursday, May 31, 2012

F.A.T. Friday! I'm a visual kinda gal...

Welcome to my third weekly instalment of F.A.T. Friday! (That's Forging Ahead Together to a healthy lifestyle)

This Week's Suggested Topic Was: Do you set short term and/or long term goals? Are they visual? Do you "allow" yourself a reward for reaching a goal? Have you reached a goal recently? Please share!

I am a total goal setter but I've rarely ever reached my goals.  Either I simply don't commit and follow through or I've set them so astronomically high that I get discouraged and "give up".  Much like my commitment to getting healthy, I've also made the commitment to setting SHORT TERM ATTAINABLE goals.  I figure this will give me a better opportunity to see short term gain/reward for a short term commitment.  It made sense at the time and still does.

I have always been a visual learner.  Hands on kinda stuff.  If I can't see it and/or try it,  I can't do it.  Therefore, I thought I'd use the same learning "ideology" with my goal setting.  If I can see "it" (the goal), I can be reminded of "it", I can stick to "it".  Logical, right?!?!  I thought so too!

And so, the first goal I have set for myself on this long journey to healthy living is to fit into one of the two following dresses for my Bestie Tammy's wedding on August 25th.  I have these hanging in my room on my wall so, they are the first thing I see in the morning and the last thing I look at before I head to bed (I wasn't kiddin' when I said I was going to be a visual goal setter...hahaha!).

  I totally SQUEEZED myself into them for your viewing pleasure you to also be able to "visualize"...

Dress #1- Fun & Funky
I've left myself some options...this one I am about 20-25 pounds from it not looking so tight and being "passable" to wear out in public! (Size 18)

Dress #2- Chic & Sophisticated
This one will require about a 30-35 pound weight loss for the same acceptable "public appearance". (Size 14)

Since I am heading out on a 5 week vay-k in 3 short weeks I thought I'd be realistic (see above) and have TWO options for my wedding attire.  I do plan to keep "strict"...mostly...while on holidays so there is no reason why I shouldn't be able to get the second dress on but I don't want to become discouraged.  I tend to learn from my mistakes.  LOL!

Regardless of which dress I will wear, it is evident that I need to get a little "sun" so I don't look like Casper!  LMAO!  With any luck hard work, I might have to go out and get a whole NEW DRESS in a size smaller than both of these...I'll keep you posted!

As far as "rewarding" myself for reaching this goal...just being able to wear something and FEEL GOOD...REALLY GOOD about how I look will be reward enough!!

And Finally...this weeks weight stats:

Week #4- Wednesday May 30, 2012
Start Weight: 282 pounds
Goal Weight: 150 pounds
Last Week's Weight: 261.8 pounds
Current Weight: 257.4 pounds
Weight Lost this Week:   4.4 pounds
Total Lost to Date: 24.6 pounds

*Since weekly weight loss may not be noticeable in pictures, I plan to post updated photos once every 3 weeks

Are you making the commitment this week? Come on then...Link Up & Let's (get) F.A.T!

Next Week's Suggested Topic:  What “triggered” you to take control of your weight and start on the road to healthy living?  If you're already "there" what keeps you "there"?


  1. I think this is a fantastic short-term goal! It's palpable, useful (since you're going to the wedding), and I love that you can see those dresses every day.

    And CONGRATS on another great week! So proud of you, Ginger!

  2. Way to go! I came across your blog. I am a mom of twins also. I am trying to lose weight as well. I like your short term goal approach. I always look at the big picture and get discouraged. Are you exercising currently?

  3. You are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And BRAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Okay, I really need to get with the programme - there are less than 7 weeks til I'm in the US and I want to look good so I can eat a little :)

  4. Just tuning in to F.A.T. and all I can say is...


    You are amazing! Keep it up! You'll be rocking whatever dress you choose!

  5. Congrats on another loss! Oh a 5 week vacay, I am very jealous. You can totally make it into both of those dressed by August. They don't look bad now!



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