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In Medieval Times I would have been a Fair Maiden. Oh Who Am I Kiddin'? I am such a WENCH...

As defined at;

Fair Maiden- A good loving woman. very hot, very loyal. 
Wench- A stout, voluptuous maiden.  Usually associated with the Renaissance and taverns.

Yup!  I’m a total Wench and I’m proud  of cool with that! LOL!

As a follow up to my post yesterday, 36 Hours in Orlando,Florida, I am super excited to share with you my most favorite part of our “mini vay-K”… our visit to Medieval Times!  Have you ever been?  A-W-E-S-O-M-E eh?  No?  Well, I must say that if the opportunity ever presents itself I highly recommend you take in this FAN-tabulous show & dinner.  You will not be disappointed.  You may have an allergic reaction that almost sends you to the hospital, that is, if you happen to have a severe allergy to horses like Daddy Dave but wait, I am totally getting ahead of myself!

We arrived about an hour before the show and the stage was immediately set as you walk into a castle that is surrounded by a moat and enter by walking across a drawbridge.  When you look around the castle you truly feel like you’ve been transported back in time to 11th Century Spain. 
The armored suits,  craved wood décor & thrones was enough to make you feel like you had entered his Majesties abode in 1900”s.  All the employees were in full costume and in character…DO NOT try to ask them “anything modern day related” because they will look at you like you are from the year 2012.  When we were greeted by the armed guards and handed our crowns with assigned Color & Knight for whom we would be cheering for, I instantly knew we were in for a GREAT TIME!

After taking a peek around the castle, the bar wench served us up some tasty cocktails and while we enjoyed the atmosphere in the “tavern” my anticipation of the nights events had me giddy with excitement. 

It wasn’t long before his Majesties trumpeters summoned us to the entrance of the stadium.  One by one, each group of a different color and knight were lead into the arena.   The last colored called was the team cheering for the Green Knight,  that was “us”.  Before we were allowed to enter we were told that our Knight was in a long standing feud with the royal family and his presence along with ours was not appreciated.  He warned us not to be surprised if the other peasants did not take too kindly to us being there cheering on such a nemesis of his.  I was totally pumped, I love a good “fight” & have been known to stand up for the underdog, as you all know.  LOL!

After we found our seats, the meal was served.  Because cutlery wasn’t common place (only the rich had spoons and knives) during this century, there was none.  I had heard this to be the case but I was truly in awe that we were going to eat a four course meal without even a fork or spoon.  Again, I was pumped!  The meal was absolutely delicious:

Shortly after the starters, the King & Queen made their introductions and each Knight rode out on their steeds and waved to their respective colored cheering sections.  As anticipated, the entire stadium booed when our Green Night entered but that only fuelled my our cheers.  Think extreme whistling, yelling, fist-pumping…you get the picture!  Our Knight wore a Dragon on his armor and I therefore felt compelled to re-name him “Dragon” (Soooo much better than “Green Knight” dontcha think?!?!).  It didn’t catch on at first but after another glass of wine or two, I began insisting that our team call him “Dragon” and they either agreed that this was a better name or feared my “wench like” voice tone, either way, they were on board with “it”.  LMAO!

The energy was intense as each Knight competed in a variety of tournament challenges.  There was almost two hours of jousting, swordsmanship, thrilling hand-to-hand combat, extraordinary horsemanship and falconry.  Non-stop entertainment I tell ya! 

 It was sometime right after the main course was served that I looked over at Daddy Dave and noticed that he looked a little “off”.  His eyes were red and watering but I was way too engrossed in the show to give it a second thought (Terrible I know.  But in my defense if he was in agony he really should have SPOKE-UP.  Right?  Right!). 

I of course threw myself into the role of cheerleader and in the process made myself an “admirer”…

 The Yellow Knight was a house favorite and so when he kept winning the challenges I yelled at the top of my lungs (which is REALLY loud by the way) at the one moment the entire stadium was silent, “SHOW OFF!”  The next time he road by the table he stopped and gave me a heart melting smile (ya, Daddy Dave was jealous…SHABAM…I’ve still got it)  LOL!  He also threw me a pretty flower but some little wench-girl stood up and caught it before my eyes...I suppose it was a sign that it was not meant to be. *sigh*

The “Dragon” fared extremely well, until one of the last competitions.  I knew deep down that the bad-guy never wins but I was so holding out that he might have turned out to be the King’s long lost son or prodigy of some sort and he’d win.  He didn’t.  Bummer.   

As we were finishing off dessert and the tournament was coming to an end, Daddy Dave leaned over and said something like, “I think I need my inhaler.  I can’t breathe.” 

 Ok, so I’m not totally heartless.  I snapped out of my Medieval Times character and starting assessing his overall well being.  As it turns out, since the time the horses entered the ring, he began feeling a little “stuffy” and got progressively worse as the evening unfolded.  Fast forward almost an hour and half later, the poor man was in dire need of some relief.  I am somewhat ashamed that I was so oblivious throughout the night.  It could have been the energy in the room, the show or the fact that if I was suffering like that the entire stadium would have been “on alert” but when we finally got outside and after he took his inhaler, he began looking a feeling much better. *sigh of relief*

After it was all said and done, I can’t even recall who won the heart of the Fair Maiden but that’s neither here nor there…IT WAS A TOTAL BLAST (minus Daddy Dave’s discomfort…of course) and worth every penny of the hefty $59.95 dollar price tag!

I can’t wait to bring Ave & Bryce when they are a little older.  Assuming that they don’t inherit Daddy Dave’s severe allergy to horses (he can just take a Claritin next time)!

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  1. It sounds like you guys had fun, aside from Dave trying to ruin the evening by sniffing horses. Silly man!



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