Monday, May 28, 2012

Spil Proof Snack Cups. Mama Loves...

I love linking up with Julia over at Pontifications of a Twin Mom ALMOST as much as I love my... spill proof snack cups! 

Munchkin Snack Catcher

Up until fairly recently, the kids have always had all snacks in their highchairs.  No exceptions.  Either I am getting more placid in my old age or they have demonstrated some small glimmer of "responsible snacking", either way, I have ventured past the highchair-snacking phase and have begun letting them have "dry" snacks in these IMPRESSIVE cups...

There are slits for little people fingers to get into...

While NOT allowing "snacks" to fall out when turned upside down...

EVEN when you shake it violently...

Another GREAT bonus is using them in the van during snacktime while we are out and about.  No muss, No fuss. 

Mama is loving the No Spill Snack Cups!


  1. My lovely daughter rapidly found out that you can press down on one of the sections of the lid as you shake, resulting in a Cheerio shower!

  2. You are a brave mama! I still strap my kiddos in for virtually every snack! :)

    We have some of those, though...may have to break them out for some summer road trippin' soon, though. I *might* be willing to bend the rules in the car...maybe. ;)

  3. I just do a lot of vacuuming.... :)

  4. I love the picture of you shaking the cup violently :)

    I need to get some of these! That way we can eat snacks outside easily! You've inspired me, Ginger! :)



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