Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Warning: Parental Advisory. It's TRuck kids, not...

It's been a long while since I've hooked up with Mama Kat for her Pretty Much World Famous Writing know how it goes, life seems to get in the way sometimes.  I'm finally "back"...

Assignment #1- Write about a time your child embarrassed you in public.

Warning:  This blog post may use explicit language that may not be suitable for all readers.  Parental caution is strongly advised.

Ok, I feel like I have done my due diligence in warning readers that you may not want to read on if you may be offended by the fact that my 2 year old twins have not learned the proper pronunciation of TRuck yet.  No.  They certainly have not.

I almost fell off my chair Wednesday morning when we were at the doctor's office and Bryce & Ave's comments turned what were "busy-not-looking-my-way-eyes" to looks of empathy, maybe even a little humor but mostly shock & disgust, right at me...LMAO!

Let me start over.  Both Ave & Bryce are "late" speakers.  It's only been in the last month or two that they are really starting to "chat-away", however, their pronunciations are not quite up to par.  Let's take the work...oh, I don't know...TRUCK!  Bryce drops the TR and replaces it with a F.  Ave drops the TR and replaces it with a hard "C".  Can you see where this may be going???

Back to Wednesday morning in the Doctor's office; I always allow them to bring one toy when we go out somewhere.  Usually something small; a book, a little people, a plastic animal, a hotwheel, etc.  On this morning, Bryce insisted on bring one of his favorite trucks...

I am usually a hard a$$ about the "rules" but I was super tired and running late so, I caved.  While we were waiting to be called, the kids played quietly and then Bryce held up his truck with this HUGE smile on his face.  Here is the conversation that took place:

Me (in a nonchalant kinda way)"You really like your truck eh Bryce?"
Bryce- "ike da *uck!"
Me (Whispering)- "Truck.  You like your TRuck."
Bryce (in an excited, loud voice tone)- "Ike da *uck!  Ike da *uck!"
Me (loudly)- "Shhhhhhh....whisper.  Use you inside voice please"  No sooner had I said that Ave chimes in just as loud if not LOUDER...
Ave- "Brycie ike C-uck!  Brycie ike C-uck!"
Bryce (through hysterically giggles)- "Ya A-A! (that's how he says Ave)  Ike *uck...IKE *UCK!!!"
Ave- "Ike C-uck...IKE C-UCK!!!"

Just then the nurse called my name and I leaped to my feet and announced to the waiting room, "They love TEEEEEEEERRRRRRR-ucks!!!" smiled and disappeared into the exam room.

I WAS embarrassed until I realized they had both just strung together a THREE WORD SENTENCE!!  Woo Hoo!  I went from an embarrassed mom to a super PROUD MOM in 2.2 seconds. (So what that it wasn't phonically correct but hey, it's a start!)

I felt compelled to share a little video or two...while they don't string together the 3 word sentence (they don't like to perform on command?!?!?) you will get a better understanding of what was said/heard...LMAO!

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  1. Oh my gosh, I am dying laughing! The video is just the cherry on top because you read blog posts like this and you can't help but wonder if the writer maybe exaggerates a tiny bit. You know, maybe it sounds like the F word to the mom, but perhaps strangers wouldn't hear it that way. Oh no...after watching that video I'm quite certain you nailed this one! Hysterical!! And yes...SO embarrassing!

  2. I LOVE IT!!!!

  3. OMG. AWESOMENESS. Made more awesome by their cute little voices on the video. I can see how that might be awkward... but it makes for the absolute best story ever. I'm pretty sure that I will be reading this and showing the videos at my mommy group book club tomorrow. Hilarious and adorable!

  4. So cute - they are really them, it is as clear as day! Precious children...thanks for sharing this!

  5. That is great!!!

    Our girls used to call blueberries, "boobies". I remember laughing, hearing them over the monitor asking for "boobies". It wasn't *quite* so funny when we were in the grocery store, passing through the produce section, and they'd start chanting, "BOOBIES! BOOBIES!" Hahaha!

    I'm guessing most of us have been "there". I can just see you announcing to the waiting room your kiddos' love of TRucks! ;)

    And woo hoo for a three-word sentence! I loved seeing the girls' language skills develop like that!

  6. Awesome. My son just came right out with the F-word at playgroup once. He was trying to say truck too. I think. Huge misunderstanding.

  7. Loved the videos...they'll make great embarrassing stories for the kids someday!

    My grandson was saying "boobies" for movies - so a day at the theater was always a good time.

  8. This is one I've never experienced personally but I've totally been there when other kids have done it and it's always funny.

    In my house if it sounds like a curse word it is--no matter how much I insist that it's a mispronounciation.

    Good one Ging!

  9. That is ridiculously cute! Even if they are cussing :)

  10. This made me laugh out loud... and you HAVE to come to my blog and read my entry this week... my daughter got 'truck' right... but you'll love what she got wrong ;).

  11. That is hilarious! As a mom of twins and more I have been there more than once! :)

  12. Omg too funny Ging!! Yay Ave and Bryce!! Your trucks rock!! Xo karen

  13. LOL... OMG Ginger! How did you not laugh during that video!!! So funny and definitely a video to keep for later!!!



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