Thursday, June 14, 2012

F.A.T. Friday. Dear Ginger...

Welcome to my weekly instalment of F.A.T. Friday! (That's Forging Ahead Together to a healthy lifestyle)

This Week's Suggested Topic Was: Write yourself a motivational reminder/letter about all the “good” things about your healthy lifestyle & why you are on this journey. This will be good to have in 10 minutes, 10 days, 10 months or 10 years from now when you need a “pick me up!” 

Dear Ginger, 

 I am so proud of you. You are doing a great job! I think you have what it takes to make a "real" go of this healthy living lifestyle you have so desperately wanted for so long now. Once you set your mind to something you know your determination is a force not to be reckoned with. You just need to keep your eye on the "prize". Even when things get difficult.  Remember why you are doing feel great, to look great and most importantly, to live a long, healthy life with your husband and your children.  They need you.  (You know deep down that without you, life around here has the potential of becoming a real "$hit Show!")

I know you are going to struggle.  Actually, you already have...haven't you?  You face temptation on a daily basis and I know the excuses you use to fall "off the wagon" and justify it all.  You can't fool me because I am you and you are me.  

That's why I am writing you this tell you that I've got your back.  When you want to give up and give in to those old unhealthy habits of binging and snacking on junk rather than fueling your body with nutritious food, I want you to open up this post and remember the following things:

  1. How good it feels to see the scale go DOWN and the inches melting away from your body.
  2. How you dance with joy when you put on those pants that you've had to squeeze yourself into only to have them practically fall off your hips.
  3. How sexy you feel when Daddy Dave call you his "skinny minnie" or how you tingle all over when he looks at you and says, "You are looking so hot!" *blush*
  4. How enriched your children's lives are now that you "get up n' out" on almost a daily basis.
  5. How easier it is becoming to climb up and down the stairs and engaging in everyday life activities.
  6. How you actually look forward to meals and savor every last mouthful rather than wolfing down garbage.
  7. How you can feel the changes in your body AND in your mindset and how wonderful this is. 
  8. Most Importantly, remember how happy you are and the energy you have when you are living a healthy lifestyle.

If you DO "slip up", it ok.  Don't allow yourself to feel guilty or make excuses in order to be able to carry on an unhealthy, destructive path. DON'T DO THAT!  Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, lift your head high and move onwards and upwards.   Life is about making poor choices sometimes, just don't let it be your "norm".  Ever. Again.

I'm  your We can be our biggest cheerleader and our worst enemy, all at the same time.  We need to work on that!  More "Raw! Raw!", less "Boo! Boo!"

me xoxo

Say Cheese!  It's Picture Update Time & This Weeks Weigh In...

Week #1 - April 30, 2012
282 Pounds
Week #6 - June 13, 2012

Week #1
282 Pounds
Week #6

Week #6- Wednesday June 13, 2012
Start Weight: 282 pounds

Goal Weight: 150 pounds

Last Week's Weight: 255.6 pounds

Current Weight: 249.6 pounds

Weight Lost this Week: 6 pounds
Total Lost to Date: 32.4 pounds

*Since weekly weight loss may not be noticeable in pictures, I plan to post updated photos once a month.

Are you making the commitment this week? Come on then...Link Up & Let's (get) F.A.T!

Next Week's Suggested Topic:  Summertime=Vacation Time=Overindulging= FUN Possible Derailment!  What summer vacation(s) do you have planned and how to you plan to be proactive in staying (mostly) on the healthy living train?

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  1. I love reading your commitment to know yourself best!

    And congrats on a great week! I know how good it feels to really SEE results, in the numbers AND in those pictures!!! Rah! Rah! ;)

  2. Omg Ging u look fabulous!! Keep up the good work!! Xo karen

  3. Wow Ginger you do look super! Good on you!

  4. Hi Ginger, Sorry I'm late with the link up. I got busy on Friday and forgot.

    You are doing and looking so great! I am very impressed.

  5. That is such a great idea, to write a lette rto your self.

    Great job on the weight loss! It is a process but, so worth it :-)




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