Sunday, June 24, 2012

Go-Go Babyz. Mama Loves...

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Do you travel via air with kids who need a car seat?  Yes? Do you bring a stroller AND a car seat?  Yes?  Do you wish you didn't have to bring BOTH?  Yes?  

Then you have GOT to have THIS product!  It is a MUST!!!!

What's that you ask?  The Go-Go Babyz Traveling Buddy.  

It turns any car seat into an instant stroller.  Oh. Yes. It. Does.  I could NEVER travel ON MY OWN with twins, without them.  To make my point, if someone were to say you can only take ONE thing with you to travel across TWO countries via airplane it would be my Go-Go's.  Hands down.  No Questions. Period.

To look at them you'd think...what the heck?  How does it work?  It's as easy at 1...2...3!  Allow me to demonstrate...

Step 1- Simply place the Go-Go Babyz on the back of any car seat (the straps may need to be adjust to specific measurements of car seats)

Place the strap trough the car seat where a seat belt normally goes.

Winch the strap so it is tight and snug.  

Step 2- Place kid(s) inside and secure. 

Step 3- Tip back and roll. Similar to a suitcase...LOL!

When you get to your gate you have two options.
#1- Gate check the entire contraption
#2- Unhook the Go-Go Babyz and place in overhead storage (yes it fits) and secure car seat to airplane seat.

The best part?  Either way, you've got your car seat/stroller ready to go when you arrive at your destination and there is no chance of it being lost or damaged in transition!  Sweet.  I know.

Here is the official site of Go-Go Babyz travelling systems and as you will see there are a few different options...

Mama LOVES to travel WITH her Go-Go Babyz!!! 

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  1. You amaze me! I can't imaging traveling with my girls alone, let alone flying with them alone. You are my hero!



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