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Green Thumb? Not This Mom...

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AssignmentDo you have a green thumb? Tell us what kind of gardener you are!

Ok, I am cheating!  I am re-posting one of my very first posts.  I'm on vay-k and thought I could "get away" with it...LOL!  AND it does about sum up my green thumb abilities...

I wanted to make sure that I really didn’t fit the official definition of “Green Thumb” before I sold myself short.  “Green Thumb” is defined by Wikipedia as “A natural talent for growing plants”.  I still wasn’t convinced, so I searched only to find a more deflating definition; “An extraordinary ability to make plants grow well.”   It’s official; I do not fit the description of someone having a “Green Thumb”.  *sigh*

It baffles me how I can grow two beautiful babies but can’t manage to keep a few little flowers alive???

I have never been interested in planting flowers and making the outside of my home beautiful.  I have enough trouble managing the inside to worry about appearance on the outside.  Besides, before we had children my husband and I worked most of the time and when we weren’t “slugging it” trying to making a living, we were travelling and having fun.  Flowers and gardens were just never high on our priority list.  However, now that I am a full time mom and the kids and I will be outside more often, I thought it was time to awaken the “Green Thumb” in me!
I bought all the right “stuff” to get started…well kinda.  Yes, those are kid’s plastic gardening tools but I had a “feeling” that I may not be a natural at this flower-planting thing so, I covered my bases.  I thought….at least the kids would have some fun toys to play with if this was a disaster. 

Side Confession- I didn’t take a picture of the Peat Moss I bought thinking it was what you use to plant flowers in.  Apparently not…my neighbor provided the correct “stuff”.  After all, I only needed a VERY small amount for my planter. (See below) 

I am a stickler for doing research before taking on a new endeavor and after several consultations with some veteran “thumbers”, I settled on buying some Marigolds.  I was assured that they were a sturdy, “almost fool proof” (not my words) starter flower.  They are not the prettiest ones, in my opinion. I would have picked those cute little “tear-drop” looking flowers that hang on beautiful vines.  (Rumor has it, those are only for the more “experienced” gardener.) 

                                       Long Lasting My A$$!

Now please don’t laugh; I wanted to start off small.  I bought ONE modest small planter and THREE little Marigold plants.  As I am sure you know gardening is an expensive hobby so I felt it important to be conservative. I WOULD have expanded had I been even remotely successful.  As you can see, I was not.  Only 3 short weeks into the season, I have managed to kill the long-lasting (as stated above), “fool proof” Marigolds.  Does that make me a fool then? LOL No, I think it just makes me a really BAD gardener.

              Mt starter Size Planter                                                    R.I.P.

I was devastated. *Dramatic pause* Ok, not devastated but perplexed…I did everything I was told to do. (I even took notes during my consultations…stickler!) 

  1. Not too much sun
  2. Not too much shade
  3. Water every other day (not too much, not too little)
  4. Give them a little Miracle Grow once a week. 

I found myself on my knees, reaching upwards to the heavens above, screaming “What have I done?  What on earth happened?” *dramatic music*

No drainage happened!  Someone forgot to tell me about that! (NOT in my notes, NOT my fault.)  I drowned my little Marigolds…what a terrible way to “go”!

          Closed (as it was when purchased)                                         Open
                                                                                    Why even bother putting a stopper??

My gardening experience for 2011 is officially over.  I am not a quitter, honest.  I just hate to fail...LOL!  2012 is a new year and a new beginning, until then, the kids and I will enjoy all our neighboring homes absolutely beautiful gardens and flower planters.  If asked, I’ll just tell people we are travelling too much this summer to tend to flowers.  (That explanation has worked for the last 7 years! J)

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  1. Omg too funny!! Karen

  2. Trust me, I should be spending more time taking care of the inside of my house. I'm not concerned about outside appearances hahahaha I just love how relaxing it is out there in the garden! =)



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