Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Horses Lie Down. Really?!?!

Linking up with my "inspiration" Mama Kat over at Mama's Loosin' It for her Pretty Much World Famous Writing Workshop.

AssigmentShare something you learned embarrassingly late in life. 

This isn't going to be a long post.  When I write something deeply embarrassing I tend to be short.  Really. Really. Short.

Here goes...

I am not a genius but I am certainly not lacking in the "smarts" department either.  I just want to make that clear.  I like to think I fall somewhere in between "average intelligence" and "Mensa worthy".  Although after I tell you all this you will likely think I fall WELL BELOW the average 100 IQ standard.  And I am so NOT ok with that!

Notice my short story is looking like it may be a little longer than I said it would be?  Ya!  That's called avoidance or distraction, maybe a little of both.

Ok, here goes.  Really, here goes...

It' was little over 4 months when Daddy Dave and I started dating back in 2001 and I had been invited to my very first "family dinner".  This was a HUGE deal. Family Dinners were exactly that, family only!  To be invited was a HUGE deal...HUGE!  (Have I emphasized that enough?!?!?)

Anywho, I was very nervous.  My primary objective was to impress the pants of the "fam".  Instead, I made myself look like a total "bumpkin".  

How you ask?  Here is the conversation that ensued around the dinner table (the best I can recall as I've tried to put it out of my mind to be totally honest):

Celeste (Dave's Sister, who owned a horse named Pride at the time)- "I went to see Pride today and I don't think he's felling well.  He was lying down in the field and when I approached him he didn't even move."

My Mother-In-Law- "He's been  acting out of sorts the last few times I've been out there too.  I think we should get the vet in to check him out."

Celeste- "I've already called him, he's coming this week.  It's so strange that Pride was lying down.  He never got up until I coaxed him with apples."

Me (with a very confused look and in a dumbfounded tone)- "Horses lie down? Really?!?!"

As soon as I had said it, I wanted to take it back because everyone turned and looked at me with disbelief in their eyes.

Daddy Dave- "How do you think they sleep & rest?"

Now, I should have just chimed in with one of my over-the-top laughs and said "Just kidding...I KNEW that!"  But no.  No, I didn't.  I said...

Me- "I thought they stood up all the time."

Everyone busted out laughing and not in a "We're laughing WITH you" kinda way (because I wasn't laughing) but more in a "You're a bumpkin" kinda way.  I flushed red and Daddy Dave piped up with a wide devilish grin and said...

Daddy Dave- "She sure is a pretty girl, but not too smart."

I couldn't help but laugh along and I suddenly felt a little less embarrassed and chalked the whole thing up to the fact that I had learned something new that day...

Yes!  Horses DO lie down.

In my defense (or lack there of), I'd never seen a horse lie down before.  Mostly just running around a track...LOL!

Daddy Dave still teases me to this day.  For example, when he is reading the kids a book about horses he always makes sure to explain,  in drawn out detail,  that horses do in FACT lie down.  Or the occasional time when I come out with something else of not so "average intelligence" (which, is not very often BTW) he comments, "I always wanted a Trophy Wife!"  Ya...he's pretty funny!

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  1. Ooppps..I thought horses sleep standing up too

  2. Haha! Honestly, I had never thought about it before you posted this, but if you had asked me I would have guessed they slept standing up too! I've never seen one lying down!

  3. That is such a funny story Ging!! Love it...and for the record I DID know that horses do in fact lie down! Ha ha ha ha
    At least your children will b well informed! ❤ karen

  4. I would think that would make you a "city slicker" rather than a bumpkin :-).

    In all fairness, they don't lie down MUCH!

  5. Oh, I am laughing! WITH YOU, though!!! ;)

    I have also put most such embarrassing moments out of my mind, but there are still a couple that surface with the hubs from time to time.

    One time he "assigned" me to learn about a cow's digestive system. After a couple of days, he asked for a "report". HA!

    My retort is that I state everything in a very convincing way...I swear, you'd almost believe me! ;) Hahaha!!!



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