Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I Travel Alone With Kids! Ya! I ROCK. Either that or...

...I'm insane!  Personally, I prefer the title of "MAMA ROCK STAR"

I travel.  A lot.  With the kids.  Alone.  Crazy?  Maybe a little but if I didn't take the plunge and set off to try it when the kids were only 10 months old...we'd be missing out on tons of fun!

I wont lie, it was nerve racking the first time but I am a bit obsessive compulsive organized when it comes to travelling.  Even before I had children.  I'm one of those people that pack weeks before hand and make extensive lists of what needs to be brought, pre-book seats according to seatguru.com and try to be as proactive as possible in anticipating any "roadblocks" along the way.  I'm the person you want sitting beside you if you happen to have forgotten something you may need.  Seriously!  I am.

Anyways, when I was set on travelling alone with the kids I immediately jumped into "action" and honestly, aside from a few crying outburst, mostly by the children, it's been pretty smooth sailing.

Since we are in "transition" as you read this, in a Toronto Hotel waiting to fly away to our final destination of Porcupine, Ontario in the morning, I thought I'd do a little pat myself of the back post on my personal strategies on how to successfully travel via air, alone with kids.

  • The most important piece of "equipment" you can invest in...the Go-Go Bayz travelling system.  You can read all about these FABULOUS contraptions HERE.

  • The travelling bag...stocked full of everything and anything you might need during your transition from point A to point B.

From left to right:  All diaper changing necessities, snacks (lots), snack cups (preloaded) & juice cups, emergency "quick grab" toys, Mommy essentials (feminine hygiene products, meds, passports/airline tickets, money/credit cards, 2 changes of clothes, bibs, super-absorbent towel, kiddies meds, (advil, tylenol, benadryl, gravol ), Lysol wipes, Kleenex, facecloths & burping bids (for the "in between" messes)
Large Back-Pack Locked & Loaded!!!
  • The comfort/toy bag.  For nappy time and quite play on the plane.
From Left to Right- 2 travel size pillows, toys, coloring pads & books, travelling DVD Player, earphones with double adaptor, 2 travel size blankets, mommy's reading material & LOTS of DVD's
Comfort & Toy Bag Locked & Loaded!!!

  • The Just For Mommy bag.  (For your sanity.)
Ummm Kiddin'!  They won't allow this on the plane!  You'll need to access the airplane bar....sorry!  LMAO!

  • The luggage.  Yes!  I DO bring almost everything but the kitchen sink.  Hey! Don't laugh...we are rarely, if ever, "without".  LOL!

This trip was the first time I had to spend the evening in a hotel before carrying on to our final destination.  Another first for us.  But alas, I was prepared...

When we arrived in Toronto, I had already booked our hotel, which conveniently was located on site.  I did however, have to claim all our luggage and transport it to the hotel.  Enter, Airport Porter.  Easy Peasy.  You tip them and they bring you right to your room.

The hotel provided one crib and I brought a pack n' play.  I made sure that I "marked" the suitcase I would need to open at the hotel and had all our overnight necessities...including breakfast.  I made it our little home away from home for the night...

Another porter will "pick us up" this morning to bring us back to our terminal and we will once again be flying high to my hometown of Porcupine.  With any luck, I will have nothing to report as far as "travelling incidents"...say a little prayer for us...pleeeeze.  LOL!

Next Time I "Blog In" I Will Happily Be In My Hometown...Happy Tuesday Friends!

OHHHHH....I forgot the SECOND most important thing to bring in your carry on!

An EXTRA, compact carry on.  You know JUST IN CASE you've overpacked like I always sometimes do and rather than pay the overage fee, simply take stuff out of the offending suitcases and carry the $hit on with you!  LOL! (I told you I was a Rock Star!!)


  1. You are a rock star mommy!!

    Seriously, your powers of organization impress me mightily!!

    I love the mommy bag! I have been telling Em and Drew lately to leave "mommy's juice" alone..HA!

    Enjoy your latest adventures!

  2. Have you seen the M&M QOTW?? You should totally link up!


  3. Very funny! I love the bag full of liquor ;-)


  4. WOW! Now that is organized. I'm the kind of traveller that packs 5 hours before my flight. Any flight even when I'm changing continents. And I'm with Allison, I love that little liquor stash. Wish airlines would allow it :)

  5. You are either the bravest woman on Earth or crazy. I can't imagine traveling alone with the buggers. I could barely make it with my husband in tow. I give you mad props, lady!

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