Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Klout & FREE STUFF!! Oh My Gosh...

So, I gots to send a big SHOUT OUT to Becca over at Because I'm the Mommy because she has not only been my "mentor" in this bloggy-world but also a really good friend...thanks Becca!

Why all the love?  Well, recently she filled me in on something called Klout.  I had heard that "buzz word" before but really never paid it much mind until Becca told me I had better!  As I said, she has been my "bloogy-road-map" since the inception of this blog and when she says "jump" (in regards to blogging) I typically ask, "How high?"...LOL!

I signed myself up to Klout and was pleasantly surprised to find out that my score was not too shabby.  Actually, Becca informed me it was pretty darn good.  I was impressed with myself even though I didn't understand how it all "works".  However, FREE always speaks volumes and when she told me I would be "gifted" some free stuff if my Klout reaches a certain level, I was a little skeptical.  Nothing is free.  Right?  Ummmm...ya, wrong!

Becca told me to keep my eye open for the 50 free business cards from moo.com.  I did and when it came up as "perk", I accepted and I am tickled pink...so will you be!

First, if you haven't already, get signed up at klout.comBe sure to give me some K+ love when you do please...I WILL reciprocate...promise!  You can find me HERE

Second, keep your eye on the Freebie Perks and when the moo.com one comes up...GRAB IT!  If you're in Canada, you will pay $8.00 shipping (ya, I know...not free but pretty darn close) and if I recall correctly it's a few dollars less in the USA.  You can download up to 50 different photos for the cover of your business cards and one photo for the back with all your "info" AND they are in FULL COLOR!  Cha-Ching!  They do say Klout on the cover photo but you can pay extra to get it removed but why would you want to?  People might go check you out on Klout and give you some K+ love too.  WIN-WIN!

These  business cards are like the Cadillac of business cards...I was BLOWN AWAY when I got them yesterday....BLOWN AWAY!  I shouldn't have been surprised because Becca was also blown away by them and told me I would be too...why I ever doubt that woman, I will never know!  LOL!  They are super-dooper thick, the photos "pop" and the color printing is swanky!

Here are the cover photos I had printed:

Here is the back of the cards (all the same):

Don't have a business so, don't think you need them?  I don't have a business.  OH WAIT!  Yes I do.  It's called blogging.  Ya sure, I've shown a major "loss" on the financial "books" this year but now that I have business cards the money is gonna start R-O-L-L-I-N-G in. Ok, maybe not but at least I have something "fancy & professional" to whip out the next time I am talking about my blog to some total random stranger.  Ok, ya I don't do that very often. Actually, at all BUT if I DO start to promote myself....I'm set!! 

Not your thing?  No problem.  How about mini invites to your next party?  Tiny thank you cards?  Just because cards?  Birth Announcements?  The possibilities are endless.  Ok, not endless but pretty darn vast.

If you're Klout score doesn't entitle you to the FREEBIE, I've got some 10% off coupons to share.  I'm a 'Spread the Love" kinda gal.  Email me directly and I'll give you one of the 5 codes I've got!

Happy Tuesday Friends!!


  1. Those look AWESOME! I love mine. The last perk, Klout offered kinda sucked but I'm always excited to see what they have up their sleeves.

    (BTW thanks for the +Ks and the shout out.)

  2. Ok, I +K'ed you. Don't know what it means, but I did it :)

  3. The cards look great! I need to look into that with the business I just got in to!

  4. Nice looking cards! I always order mine at print peppermint. For me, I like their quality much better amongst the other printing company I've used.



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