Monday, June 11, 2012

Orange. Leather. Mama Loves...

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 I love to shop. I shop all the time anytime the opportunity presents itself. I mostly purchase items that are on sale or in the clearance section of stores. I have a gift closet room in my basement and I am pretty sure it could be featured on Hoarders but I keep bargain buying all the same...LMAO!

I rarely, if ever, buy myself something that is not a necessity, you know...underwear, deodorant, hair products, a few clothing items here and there when my "trusty-rusty-standbys" are no longer presentable to wear in public...those kind of necessities.

BUT, not this past Friday.  Nope!  I TOTALLY indulged and treated myself to something I just couldn't resist.  The color orange and leather.  The fact that it was a purse didn't hurt either.  I'm just sayin'.

An honorable Mention "Love" is that thing hanging from my purse.
Ever have to rip your purse apart to find your lip balm?  Ya, me too!
Not anymore...that little nifty hangy thing holds it snug in place.   Yup!  It's orange too...LOL!

Isn't "she" a beaut??  Insert a *happy sigh* here.  Did I need a new purse? No.  Was Daddy Dave as elated about the purchase as I was?  No.  Did I have buyer's remorse?  No.  Not.A.Single.Ounce.  Was it on sale? YES IT WAS!!  (See, I had some sense.  I stuck to my "sale or clearance" rule.)

In the event anyone (from Canada) is in the market for a new purse in a variety of totally summer chic colors...check out Danier Leather before the end of the week for some fabulous options! *wink,wink*

Mama is lovin' her NEW orange, leather purse!

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