Sunday, July 8, 2012

Clotheslines. Mama Loves...

As always, I am linking up with Julia over at Pontifications of a Twin Mom to share some Mama Love.  You should too...

Since I was old enough to do my own laundry I have always wanted a clothesline. .  My mom and dad hated clotheslines because they said it would make the yard look trashy????  They never caved to my continuous pleads for one.  Instead, I had to hang my clothes all around the ledges of our deck in the that's REALLY trashy dontcha think?!?! Ya, I had it ruff.  Real ruff.  LAMO!

This is not the clothesline of my dreams!
Anywho, I never had the opportunity to fulfill my desire to have a clothesline of my own until I met Daddy Dave, we got married and bought our own home.  However, we purchased our dream home in a community that has a by-law that prohibits clothesline.  As if.  But it's true.  You can have the kind that you stake in your backyard but I never much liked those and even if I did, I'd have to forfeit half my yard.  City sucks sometimes!

THIS IS my dream clothesline!
Every summer, when we travel to my sister's and my bestie's home we get the greatly anticipated "treat" of freshly dried clothesline clothes and my number one favorite...bed sheets.  *insert dramatic pause* It's one of life's simple pleasures that so many take for granted. 

This week, Mama is loving Northern Air Dried Clothing and Bed Sheets on Clotheslines.  

Whatcha Loving This Week??


  1. We had a clothesline at my lake house. Growing up, my mom would hang the sheets and towels out in the warm summer sun. In my memories, those sheets and towels were softer, cleaner, warmer, and better smelling than my stuff is now. :) Perhaps it was the air-dried laundry... or perhaps it was the fact that my mommy was the one doing the laundry, and now it is me. LOL. I think you may have convinced me to hang some things on the line next time we are at the lake. :)

  2. Come visit me. You can use my washing line all you want ;)

  3. Good for you using a clothesline! We have one in our backyard but, we have oak trees and they are always dropping stuff out of them. I think my clothes would end up more dirty then when they went out ;-)
    Hmmm...maybe if I did use it, I would clean out the kids clothes and have less to wash, an idea...:-)

  4. I am SO with you!! We have a 1920's home and we have a partial (decrepit) clothesline, and I have been begging my husband to fix it so I can use it!!! He refuses naturally =(. I never had a clothesline growing up, but the sun can do some amazing things to stains, so I think a clothesline is definitely justified. So with you chica!!!

  5. We had a clothesline growing up, and the smell of line-dried clothes always takes me me back to those years!

    We also can't have a clothesline...thankfully we can still drape the beach towels over the porch at the camper, so I at least get to experience the small pleasure there!

  6. I love the clothesline of your dreams :)

    I can't believe your neighborhood won't allow them. That seems like such a funny thing to prohibit.

    I hope some day you get that clothesline of your dreams, Ginger. As always, thanks for sharing your mama wisdom :)



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