Thursday, July 26, 2012

I'm not an angry person. Or am I??

After a few weeks away...I am linking up with Mama Kat for her Pretty Much World Famous Writing Workshop.

Assignment:  List 10 Things That Make You Angry

I wasn't going to chose this writing prompt because my initial thought was, "How on earth can I come with TEN things that make me angry??  I am such an easygoing, fun-loving, happy-go-lucky kinda gal...I don't think I COULD come up with 10 things that make me angry!"  Ummmm....ya....W-R-O-N-G!!

I took a little peeky through the last 15 months of blogging and I came up with a "few" things that make me angry.  I have included a backlink for each "item" in case you need further explanation of the things that anger this easygoing, fun-loving, happy-go-lucky sometimes cantankerous gal...

1. Being "Called" a Liar!- I am A LOT of things but I am NOT a liar.  Truth stretcher...sometimes.  BUT an out right liar...NEVER!!  This little diddy is about the manager at my local Wal Mart calling me a liar without "actually" calling me a liar.  I didn't take it too well...

2. People Who Ignore Signs-  This is ANOTHER Wal Mart incident.  I finally had had enough of people parking where they should not park.  I had to take matters into my own hands.  And, YES!  I do still travel with my "parking infraction notification" sheets.  (I'm making the world a better place to live in, one person at a time.  You're Welcome.)

3. Being Addressed as "Mrs David Bowes"- Ya, I know, it's petty BUT it really, really, really pisses angers me.  I am no ones "Mrs"...period!  LMAO!

4. Stupid People (primarily, parents)- Harsh, I know BUT this is a list of 10 Things That Anger Me right?  I pose one simple question: "What parent in their right mind would purposely expose their kids to an illness?" 

5. Clueless Parents- I am sure you have all asked, "What's wrong with kids today?"  I have a theory...nothing is wrong with kids today.  What?!?!  Well, the question we need to be asking is "What's wrong with PARENTS today?"

6. Ignorant People or Insensitive People-  If you've got twins, you've likely had to deal with the whole "Twins?  We're they conceived naturally?" debacle.  Yup!  That pisses angers me too!

7. Out of This World People (Again, primarily parents)- You're gonna what?  Raise your kid non-gender specific?  WTH is wrong with you people?  Enuff said.

8. Sensationalized-News Grabbing- "Celebrity" Headline Stories- I don't watch the news.  It's ture, I can barely carry on a conversation about the state of politics and/or economy of our world but equally I couldn't tell you what Kardashian got married and/or divorced this month.  It really fires me up when I am surfing the channels and or skimming the magazine racks in the grocery checkout lines only to see some "Who really gives a $hit" headline.

9. The Brat Ban- This one is "old news" but it still has me seeing red.  I mean seriously?!?!  Just when you think the people of the world are starting to embrace diversity and break down the walls of discrimination, they start "picking" on the little folks of the world.  I mean pleeeezzzeee....

10Being Told That I Have a "Favorite"- Kid that is.  If you want to go on national television and permanently damage your offspring's self esteem by declaring that "No, sorry sweetie you ain't Mama's favorite!"  then so be it.  But. Do. Not. Tell me that I too have a favorite child and that I am just not brave enough to admit it because that my friends, might earn you a round in the ring with this Mama!

A "Bonus" Anger Trigger of Mine Hanks-  This is a term I have personally coined as my own (or at least I think I'm the first to ever use it?!?!  LMAO!)  In short, "Hanks" are people, primarily men (at least in my experiences), that own really, REALLY big trucks and have a superego to match.  While many people might "shy away" from confrontation with these "types", I embrace...even welcome the challenge. that I have re-read these posts and have self analyzed the things that make me angry...I am thinking I should have picked the writing prompt "If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?"  Can anyone guess what I might have said?!?!?!  LMAO!

May Peace & Happiness Surround You AND Me...Happy Thursday Everyone!!

Got anger issues yourself?  Need some inspiration to get it "all" out?  Go sign up...

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  1. I'm totally down with you on the "Mrs." front. I'm married but a Ms and a "don't you dare call me Mrs. Hubby's first name!"
    As someone who has an Accessible Parking Permit, thank you muchly for your work on our behalf!

  2. I don't mind being Mrs. Herndon but using my husband's whole name as though I have no first name? No. I'm with you on most of these (rather angrily so) and #2 I acted on last night. There is no parking on one street near my house. It's irritating because people still park there and go into eateries, the barber shop, etc. Yesterday, I finally caught cops parked (they do it all the time). So, I sent the pic to the paper. Um, the sign doesn't say no parking except hungry officers. (Really, it only irks me b/c elderly people live in the houses and oftentimes need assistance into vehicles. The vehicles can't even get to the sidewalk with the cars parked there).

  3. How can someone accuse any mother of having a "favorite?" Seriously? Great list!

  4. Oh girl, you're so right kids may have issues, but really who's to blame here? The parents are, that's who! Everything begins there and should end there, too. This world would be a far better place, if parents simply accepted their responsibilities in rearing well-adjusted, sweet behaving kids. Or, if their kids are little nasty brats then stop siding with them and punish them appropriately. Spankings are evil and will not warp your kids. Just look at me, I got a few in my life time and turned out fine. Correction, I turned out better than fine, I'm great! Oops, I best get off my soapbox. *blush* It looks like we think a lot alike. Thanks for stopping by. Now following on GFC! ^.^

    Check out today's posts:
    Jumping Jehosaphat!

  5. Oh it makes me so mad when people ignore sings. Read people, it's right in front of your face.

  6. I love it. I will be using the term "Hanks" from now on.

  7. I LOVE these, especially the ones referring to parents...

  8. I remember almost every one of these posts of yours. :) I would not characterize you as "angry", just "passionate". How's that for marketing???

    And in any case, I love that you speak your mind!!!

  9. I'm kind of glad that, not being a parent, I'm pretty safe from most of your ire. :-)

  10. Good list. The only thing I'd add would be the clueless teacher thing because unfortunately there plenty of those too.

  11. Yes. I need to go back and read all of these posts but I'm thinking I agree with you pretty much everywhere.:)

  12. I agree with #5 the most! It's not the next generations fault they grew up with ridiculous parents!!! It's sad to see it, but the best we can do is raise our children the best we can and hope for the best with their future!

    I'm here via Mama Kat's I am a new follower of your blog I hope you can follow in return =) (

  13. hahahahaha! Love it! And you're right, it's not the kids fault that their parents are too lazy/stupid to parent their kids.

  14. Ah Hank! If there's anything Calgary (and Houston) has a lot of, it's a whole lotta Hanks. Big Hanks, little Hanks, dumb Hanks and dumber Hanks :)

  15. My little sisters are twins, and I get asked that question (natural or not) all the time when I mention I have twins in my family! How rude can you get?! Regardless of the answer... none of your business, people!

  16. "Not just another mom with twins" ??? I would guess no mom with twins (or not) is "just another mom." Moms work hard and each have their unique problems, need a boatload of skills, so none are "just' anything.

    Your list of pet peeves is impressive and well-placed.

    I solved the Mrs. thing by returning to my maiden name when I divorced and keeping it when I married again. Once in a while, people think my husband's last name is the same as mine, and he is called Mr. P. instead of Mr. S. Perhaps if that happened to men more often, they would know how it feels.

    Clueless parents ---never having been a parent myself, I don't like to judge, because I've never been there, but there have been occasions when I'd like to slap a citation on a parent. Recently two moms conversing in a supermarket aisle allowed their kids to roll and play on the paper towel shelves, until the whole thing came tumbling into the aisle. (I bet they would have sued the store if it had been a canned-goods section and one of the kids had been hurt.) I must have given them what I call my "teacher stare" of disapproval, because one woman turned on me to tell me it was none of my business what her kids were doing. Then the two just grabbed their kids and left the mess behind. GRrrrrr!

  17. I can't believe people actually have the nerve to ask how babies were conceived! Who even cares??



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