Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sand...Mama Dislikes. Beans...Mama Loves!

Linking up with Julia over at Pontifications of a Twin Mom for her Mama Loves weekly feature!

I hate strongly dislike sand.  I don't like the word hate but if I am to be totally honest, I hate sand.

Sand at the beach.
Sand Art.

Always have.  It's messy.  It gets everywhere.  It's impossible difficult to get out of hair, clothes, rugs, shoes, etc.  YUCK!  

My kids LOVE sand. L-O-V-E!  What kid doesn't?!?!  But I avoid "sand-play" at all cost.  Since arriving in my hometown of Porcupine last week, the kids have made their own sandbox AND mudbox...

Yup...leave it to my kids to find the smallest patch of sand and call it a "Sandbox"!

I hate sand but there is NO WORD to describe how I feel about black mud!!  %$#@!

Can you say MESSY?  I swear I have changed them at least three times a day.  I've never had to do so much washing in my life...LOL!

Just when I thought I couldn't take the dirt any longer, my bestie's next door neighbor brought over a beanbox to help elevate my stress for the kids enjoyment.  That's right...a BEANBOX!  

It fell a few times so 1/2 the beans are missing but...

...Mama still LOVES the Beanbox!

Can you say AWESOME?  No muss...no fuss...no laundry!!  The kids love it and so does MAMA!

What are you loving this week?


  1. ok that is brilliant and awesome- but stupid question: what kind of beans??

  2. A brilliant alternative! :)

    Love it! The texture is pretty awesome for Mama to run her hands through too!!



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