Thursday, August 16, 2012

F.A.T. Friday! Holy Moly Batman...

Welcome to my weekly edition of F.A.T. Friday.  No, not FAT as in F-A-T but as in ForgingAhead Together to get/stay healthy!!

I am on my eight week of the Dr. Bernstein program and I have had a landslide of a weight loss this week. *insert a happy dance and loud cheer here*

I would love to stay around and "chat" but I have my mom, dad & niece up visiting and we are BUSY!  I do hope to find some time to actually post something about next week suggested topic which, in actuality was suppose to be THIS weeks topic.  *sigh*  (Hey, it's the summer up here in Canada and you gotta take advantage of the nice weather when you can...LOL!)

Happy Friday!

And Finally...this weeks weight stats:

Week #8- Wednesday August 15, 2012

Start Weight: 282 pounds

Goal Weight: 150 pounds

Last Week's Weight: 248.8 pounds

Current Weight: 241.8

Weight Lost this Week: 7 pounds (WOW...I KNOW!)
Total Lost to Date: 41.2 pounds

Next Week’s Suggested Topic:  Got a picture you wanna share?  At your healthiest?  At your not-so-healthiest?  A favorite meal?  Better a video?  Come on and share!


  1. Good job Ging!! xo Karen

  2. Congratualtions! Thats's awesome progress!

  3. Wowza! That's awesome-sauce, Ginger! So glad you had such a fantastic week!



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