Thursday, August 23, 2012

F.A.T. Friday! My weight losses & weight gains in pictures...

Welcome to my weekly edition of F.A.T. Friday.  No, not FAT as in F-A-T but as in ForgingAhead Together to get/stay healthy!!

Last Week's Suggested Topic:  Got a picture you wanna share?  At your healthiest?  At your not-so-healthiest?  A favorite meal?  Better a video?  Come on and share!

As I have mentioned on more than one occasion, I have struggled with my weight all my life. All. My. Life.  I have NEVER been small.  Not. Ever.  

I have had some "downs" but mostly "ups".  In fact, there have been so few "downs" that I figured the best way to "discuss" this was to go visual...with pictures.  However, I ran into a couple snags.  The first being that I have "misplaced" all my photos which, by the way, were super-organized from my birth to present day...bummer! (I know they are SOMEWHERE in my hoarder of a house & I will eventually find them but not having them didn't make this post very easy...LOL!)  The second, was that I had to use pictures from my scrapbooks (with the exception of a couple) and well, it's obvious I picked the most flattering ones to put in my albums and not many full-body-shots!  So, it's not quite the post I had hoped it would be (meaning; more honest & real...LOL!) but you'll get the idea, I'm sure.  

Come On...let's take a walk back through time of my weight losses and gains:

I came into this world "chubby" BUT what baby doesn't right?

I am about 6 or 7 years old here and at my "smallest" during grade school. (I was always the largest girl in my grade regardless of my "size")

This is me in Grade 6 having put on a considerable amount of weight since Grade 2!

One of my longest "down" times was from age 13-15 years old...

Age 13 yrs old

Age 14 yrs old

After that it was "up"...
Age 16 yrs old
18 yrs old
 WAY "UP"...
23 yrs old
To My Heaviest (290 lbs)!!
26 years old
(290 lbs)

The next "down" period in my life was from 27 yrs old to 31 years old.  I sought out extreme medical intervention to get my weight under control.  Read:  I had my stomach stapled in 2001. (I plan to post more about this soon!)  This is me at my smallest since I can remember at 180 pounds...

Age 27 yrs old
(180 lbs)
I slowly started to put the weight back on 2 years later...
Age 29 yrs old

By the time I was married in 2004 I was back up to 230 pounds...

30 yrs old
(230 lbs)
 The climb "up" continued for 4 more years...
31 years old

32 years old
33 years old
34 yrs old
Daddy Dave and I were ready to start a family by this time but I wanted to lose some weight before that happened.  And so, I started the Dr. B diet in Feb 2007 and lost 80 pounds...

35 years old
(190 lbs)
Once again, I started to climb "up" the weight ladder and in less than two years I had gained back almost all that weight. *sigh*  This is me 2 months pregnant with Ave & Bryce...
36 years old
(250 lbs)
 I did manage to take a "few" pounds off after Ave & Bryce were born.  This is me in the Spring of 2010...
36 1/2 years old
 And then one year later (summer 2011) I put it all back on and MORE...
37 years old
And here I was at the start of my whole F.A.T. commitment to living a healthier lifestyle back in April of this year...

38 years old
(282 lbs)

And Where Am I Today??  You'll have to check back next week to find out...I am having a full pictorial post to "show off" my success & let you know what dress I wore to my friend's wedding this weekend!!!  

How successful have I been?  Well, lets get to this weeks weight stats...

Week #9- Wednesday August 22, 2012

Start Weight: 282 pounds

Goal Weight: 150 pounds

Last Week's Weight: 241.8 pounds

Current Weight: 238.6 pounds

Weight Lost this Week: 3.2 pounds 

Total Lost to Date: 43.4 pounds

*REPEAT*Next Week's Suggested Topic:  What’s your support system like?  How do family and/or friends support or not support you?  Do you reach out to strangers via message boards, blogs, etc.?  In addition..."Say Cheese!" it's picture time...come on, show off your success!!!


  1. Ginger you are so brave!

    I can't wait to see the dress you wore - you're doing AWESOME.

    I feel so ill-disciplined next to you because I have about 10 pounds to lose and I just can't seem to get those off! The cupcakes don't help either :)

  2. Love the pics Ging!! Loved u through all your ups and downs!! *hugs* Karen xo

  3. You are killing me....I can't wait for the next post!

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