Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I'm a NATURAL at sooooo many things...

Linking up with Mama Kat for her Pretty Much World Famous Writing Workshop! 

 Assignment: Describe something that comes easy to you.

 It's healthy to "toot" your own horn once and awhile right?  RIGHT!  However, my list of "Natural Talents" is so enormous that I HAD to "shortlist" them. YES! I am REALLY THAT talented...LMAO!

Things That Come EASY for Me:

Singing-  It's been a long known fact in my world that I could have been a VERY famous pop star had I not chosen to dedicate my life to helping others.  You can often "catch" me belting out a tune (and in tune) to a Celine Dion or Mariah Carey song.

Dancing-  No two left feet here!  No way.  No how.  It's also been acknowledge by all my friends and family that I could have EASILY been a strong contender for "So You Think You Can Dance" or had I made it in the pop world, "Dancing With The Stars".

Acrobatics-  Having a natural talent for dancing it is a "given" that I am also quite flexible and coordinated and therefore EXCEL in the area of acrobatics.  Had the singing or dancing "thing" not turned out I could have had a successful career within the "Cirque Du Soleil" franchise.

Calligraphy-  What can I say?  My penmanship is outstanding.  Friends and family alike often request my expertise in this area.

Athletics-  You may not know to look at me but I am an overall, well rounded and extremely talented athlete.  Name the sport and I will likely kick your a$$!  It is shocking that I am not in this years Olympic Games...likely because I am so good at so many sports, they wouldn't have been able to narrow it down to one!

So, there you have it the SHORTLIST of what comes super-dooper easy for me!

Confession Time:  NONE of these things comes easy to me.  Never have.   Never will.  I just wish they did!

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  1. Whew. I was beginning to think I had totally misjudged you and our online friendship. I thought we were like sisters from another mister, and then you started saying you could sing, dance, flip/jump...I was feeling really left out since I can't do anything of those things.

    Your last line confirms we still have much in common :-)

  2. LOL! I was going to be especially amazed by the acrobatics part! And hey, calligraphy and singing are totally believable, and you could have convinced me of the others...hehe =). You crack me up!

  3. hehe Being funny clearly comes easy to you :) Stopping by from Mama Kat's

  4. LOL!!! Loved the zinger at the end!

  5. It's great when you can poke fun at yourself. I'm like you, I do a lot of wishing that many things were natural for me when they are not. Thanks for visiting today!

  6. Loved your take on the prompt! Way more fun to think of what we wish we were good at ;)

  7. Ha! I was starting to think you were the real life wonder woman or something!

  8. Yep, that looks a lot like my list, too. Sooo easy.

  9. Thank goodness or I was going to have to start hating you :)

  10. Hilarious! Always good to have a sense of humor on the things we wish we could do but can't!
    Stopping by from mama Kats



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