Sunday, August 5, 2012

No Spill Bubble Tumblers. Mama Loves...

Just when I thought the Bubble Fairy couldn't be outdone...along came NO SPILL BUBBLE TUMBLERS!!

That's right!  No. Spill. Bubbles.  Can I get a hell heck ya?!?!??!

I CANNOT be the only mommy in this universe that, while they love the happiness & joy on their children's faces, they absolutely despise AND avoid the continuous use of bubbles????  I mean, they are messy.  In addition, children have a VERY difficult time mastering the technique of "blowing" them.  Not only do they become easily frustrated because they have a difficult time mastering the technique of blowing them, they become equally frustrated when YOU "blow them" for them.  Above all, they are MESSSSSYYYY!!!

Not. Any. More.  Introducing, the no spill sippy bubble cups tumblers by Little Kids Inc..  This Mama LOVES,  LOVES...L-O-V-E-S them!!
They are the perfect size for little hands to hold...  
Easy Peasy eh Bryce?

The wands are nice and small so even if they do chose to put them on/in their mouths the amount of "bubble solution consumption" is limited and surprsingly, the small wand also makes bubble blowing fairly easy...
Blowing bubbles has never been more stress free fun!

Best Part?  They can tip these suckers over and not a drip of "bubble magic" escapes.  Not. A. Drip.
Ave has that little tumbler turned completely upside down people!  Amazing...I know!

However, nothing can "fix" the disappointment the kids feel when they learn that the Bubble Fairy isn't coming back until tomorrow...LOL!
Poor Bryce!  He's having a bit of a "breakdown" because all the bubbles are gone...

Oh Ya!  Mama is LOVIN' No Spill Bubble Tumblers by Little Kids Inc.!!!

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  1. We love these too. Each kiddo has a little one that I let them play with in the house. I know, CRAZY. And we have a couple of the larger ones that have 3-4 wands each for outside use.

  2. Those are AMAZING!!!! What brilliant mother created those?! Definitely getting the girls a set of those!!!



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