Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Welcome To Our Friendly Neighborhood Grocery Store...

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Assignment: What do your kids have that you always wanted when you were a kid?

A Grocery Store. Stocked with food.  Pretend food. Oh! And a grocery cart.  That is what I always wanted when I was a kid. 

However, I had to make do with setting up my own Grocery Store (because W-A-Y back then, kids actually had to use their own imagination for "such things") by taking a variety of food out of the cupboards and placing them all around the basement rec room.  I would use one of the tables as the "checkout"  complete with one of my parents adding machines for the cash register.  I'd have plastic grocery bags to "pack up" all my pretend customer purchases and I'd make "change" with monopoly money.  It was quite difficult to play "two roles" know that of the customer AND the customer service representative but I made it work.  I had hours and hours of fun, it was a blast!

I swore that when I had kids they would be fully equipped with a Grocery Store of their own so, you can imagine my delight when I found this 2 years before we even had kids (and on sale for $19.99):

  Then I started accumulating the "inventory":

Despite Daddy Dave's protest that, "They are WAY to young!", Santa brought them it for Christmas last year (they were almost 2 yrs old).  Come on and take a "tour" of our friendly neighborhood SuperMarket...

The Meat/Dairy Department

The Bakery

The Fresh Produce Section

The Non-Perishables "Aisle"

Checkout & Carts

While I have to give myself some credit on the super-fan-tabulous set up I arranged, I sadly have to admit that they tend to enjoy tipping it over and scattering the "inventory" everywhere, rather than playing "store". *sigh*

I hate to admit it when I am wrong have no problem admitting when I am wrong...Daddy Dave was right!  They ARE too young to grasp the concept of "shopping & buying" and MORE IMPORTANTLY, how to "properly" run their own grocery store! *sigh*  They will and they WILL LOVE IT!!  (Or at least I hope so.  LOL!)

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  1. Love it!!! Our girls have a play kitchen that they adore. I remember having one as a kid (that I played with until I was at least 7 [is that sad?]) fun to get to play again as an adult! ;)

  2. I would love to come shop in that grocery store - your place is stocked! My daughter has one with every possible food item. Is it wrong that I love to play in there? Is it wrong that I don't notice that she moves on to another game without me...? Loved your post from Mama Kat's.

  3. Give it a year because MY kids would LOVE your setup :)

    Admittedly, Connor more for the trolley (cart) because of the wheels but I can just imagine them negotiating with who gets which items :)

  4. Since they aren't fully appreciating the fabulousness, do you think they would mind if you played with it??

  5. I could probably still kill a couple hours playing with that grocery store, looks fun! I'm adopting twins from West Africa, your blog will be a good resource for life with multiples!

  6. What a cool set-up of a grocery store for your kids. I would have LOVED that as a kid. Like you, my sister and I had to use our imaginations.

  7. Ooh! I (I mean the girls!) need our own grocery store too!!! I love it!! And for $20?! Amazing! I was going to use our pampers points to get one cart for them now I just need one more and a store. And food for them to scatter everywhere:-)

  8. Cool find on play groceries, though there is something to be said for having to do it the imaginative way

  9. My aunt had the most fabulous grocery store set up in her basement. I was in LOVE with it. Very cool set-up for your kiddos.

  10. Where did you find that, or what is the brand on it?! Fantastic!!

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