Tuesday, August 7, 2012

You know the life lesson "pick and choose your battles"? Ya, well...

...I couldn't be happier to have PICKED the battle of "To GET Air Conditioning or NOT to get Air Conditioning?"!!

I grew up with air conditioning.  Yup!  In Northern Ontario, Canada...we had air conditioning.  The weather has changed over the years and now I couldn't imagine not having it in my hometown of Porcupine but way back when, it was more of a luxury than a necessity.  For most of my life we had the window-type model and I can't tell you how many times my dad dropped that thing down the stairs or out the window but man, was it nice to have.  When he eventually put in central air, my friends knew to bring a sweater when they came to visit because it was like sitting in the middle of the Arctic...LMAO!

So, long story short, I "grew up" cool.  When I moved myself out West, one of the first things I purchased was a window model air conditioner.  Again, not a necessity in Calgary, AB but for the 10 days you DO NEED some cooling down, it was nice to have.  Daddy Dave despised having to install the unit every year and quiet frankly, it never really cooled down our home, it was more for comfortable sleeping in our bedroom.

Fast forward a few years or rewind a couple years, depending how you look at it, our furnace was on the "fritz" and so began the long, tedious process of getting quotes to have it replaced.  Daddy Dave was as adamant about not getting central air as I was about having it.  And so, each quote came with a separate quote for installing a central air system.  When it was time to "decide" which contractor to go with I went to "work" on why it was imperative we have air conditioning in the house.  Top of the list?  I was going to be a stay at home mom soon and how cruel would it be to subject his wife and children to the gruelling heat all day long while he comfortably sat in his air conditioned office. (Cleaver, I know!)  

It was a "battle" that I chose to fight and guess who "won" in the end?  That's right...I did and I couldn't be more pleased with myself.  Warning:  If you come to visit you will need a sweater in the winter and in the summer because my house remains a comfy 68 degrees, regardless of the season...it's a little piece of heaven right here on earth!

So, for all those people who told me that central air was a waste of money in Calgary, AB...I leave you with these comments from some of my Facebook buddies over the last few, extremely hot, days:

"Wishing my daughter wanted to play in the cool basement today, alas she would rather be outside in her pool...wish Momma had a pool"

"Holy faaaaaa la la la Laaa, it's HOT in my house!!!!"

"Thought about firing up the BBQ but I could just use the sidewalk. Same dif"

"Lazy Monday morning coffee in the gazebo & she's gonna be another hot one today! :)"

Happy Tuesday Friends...Stay "Cool"!


  1. Good for you. Our soon-to-be-new-home has no air conditioning and ever so often a small voice asks me how we're going to do it because this summer has been quite warm

  2. I've never lived without AC but then we also have summers with 100+ degree temps and our summers start in March and end in October.

    Our house is a balmy 68 year round too!

  3. I laugh when I realize that there are people who live somewhere where ac is a "luxury." Here in hell, I mean Vegas, we hit 100 degrees in May and stay above 100 until mid September. AC is not something that we can go without here.

    I'm glad you're staying cool!



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