Thursday, September 27, 2012

10 Reasons I LOVE Fall...

I am linking up with Mama Kat for her Pretty Much World Famous Writing Workshop.

AssignmentFall is here! List your top 10 favorite things about this Fall season.

#10 Dryness.  No more sweaty underarm issues. Make that, no more sweat "issues" period.

#9 Hairy Legs. Shaving legs is now an optional activity in the shower.

#8  Close Toed Shoes.  I get to wear close toed shoes...I have a thing about my toes.

#7 Halloween.  It "hosts" my second favorite holiday...Halloween!

#6  Christmas (ya, I know that's in the winter but...) It brings me that much closer to my favorite holiday...Christmas!

#5 The pictures.  I LOVE the colors of Fall and it's my favorite time of year to take pictures.  Especially because in the Fall you won't see many bikinis and teeny-tiny sundresses, so I tend to "fit in" a bit better in group photos!

#4  Easy Yummy Crockpot meals.  Somehow, it just doesn't seem "right" to use the crockpot in the summer!?!?

#3 Fuzzy, Warm PJ's.  There is nothing more comforting than my fuzzy, warm PJ's & socks!

#2 Warm drinks.  Coffee (it just tastes better in the cooler months), hot chocolate, Spanish coffees, tea, hot toddy's, NeoCiran (ok, this one indicates sickness but it still is a warm drink!) etc.

#1  TV.  Shamefully (not really), the number one thing I love about the Fall is the lineup on TV.  Not only do my favorite shows come back on-air, I get to "taste" a few new ones.  It's a real "treat" around here.  So much so that I have a list complied of all the new shows I want to watch and their start dates because really, who wants to miss the pilot of possibly the next best thing on the boob tube?  Hey, when the kids go down at night, it's the one small thing I've know, escaping into an alternative reality.  Sad?  Maybe a tad but it is the #1 thing I look forward too when the leaves begin to change color and the cooler weather rolls, my fuzzy PJ's, my long-haired legs, a warm drink and my TV. LMAO!

What Do You Love About Fall?  Come Link Up and Share...

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  1. Crock pot meals seem to be a thing with a few people in the fall. I need to get some more crock pot recipes!

    Stopping in from Mama Kat's

  2. Oh my gosh... LOL!!! I love your list. It's so perfect. So glad you stopped by my blog~

  3. Love the hairy legs pic. I totally agree with everything on your list.

  4. The hairy leg picture gives me the willies...but that's not to suggest that I don't take advantage of not shaving! I just prefer to wear my fleece pants and not think about it! HA!

    But I'm not with you on the close-toe shoes. I love my flip-flops! But at least living as far south as we do, I can wear them almost all year. :)

    All in all, I love the list...but I'd have to add FOOTBALL to it.

  5. We didn't think any of the new shows were worth watching. I agree with you that it's fun taking pictures in the fall. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Love your list and completely agree!!!!!!

  7. Amen, friend!!! What a great list. I might add sweaters and jeans... totally more flattering than swimsuits and tank tops!!! :)

  8. Fuzzy PJ's, unshaven legs, a warm drink and TV sounds PERFECT to me!

  9. Love your list! And the pics that go with it are great! Lol!



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