Sunday, September 16, 2012

"Ice Cream"! Mama Loves...

It's been a couple weeks since I've linked up with Julia over at Pontifications of A Twin Mom for her weekly Mama Loves segment only because THIS Mama hasn't been lovin' too much lately...LOL!

The kids have not been eating very well this last week due to our POTTY TRAINING efforts.  I've been shamelessly stuffing then with salty and sweet snacks in an attempt to reward their successes and to tantalize their taste buds to make them drink copious amounts of fluids.  It's working!  But their nutrition has suffered, somewhat, as a result.

"ICE CREAM" to the rescue!  Well, it's not REALLY ice cream.  It's frozen yogurt tubes and the kids LOVE THEM & so does Mama!!

The kids are begging for "ice cream" and I have not one ounce of guilt handing over the tubes AND letting them believe that they are, in fact, eating ice cream.  Hey!  What they don't know...won't hurt them BUT it will give them a little healthy nutrition that they are desperately needing right now during our Potty Training Boot Camp!

Ave Screams...Bryce Screams...MAMA SCREAMS for "Ice Cream"!!!

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  1. LYING TO YOUR CHILDREN...OMG! lol you can freeze yogurt in popsicle trays too eh....

  2. You are saving the real ice cream for yourself, right?? Potty training= mama deserves real ice cream!!

  3. Totally agree with Melissa! You should get some real ice cream! :)

    Hope potty training is going well. Thinking of you!



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