Tuesday, September 11, 2012

PART II Bribery, A Timer, A Chart & A Party!!

So I talked about how I've decided to use bribery to toilet train my kids yesterday and today I want to share with you the whole "Party" aspect of that process.

It's important to know that I LOVE to throw parties.  L-O-V-E!  I will throw a party for just about any reason...

  • Ya!  The Garbage Was Picked Up
  • WooHoo!  The Laundry Is Done
  • It's the 3rd time Drew Barrymore has got married....P-A-R-T-Y!!!

You get the picture...LOL!  Point being; it should come as NO surprise that when the time came to potty train Ave & Bryce I just HAD to throw a party!  And I'd like to send out a big THANK YOU to Creative Juice for all the inspiration behind yesterday's swaray.

My newest Bestie and I met in our twin prenatal classes and we have become great friends.  She gave birth to her children just 10 days before me.  Needless to say, we connect on so many levels and that is why we decided to throw the party together in celebration of our baby boys and baby girls becoming "Big Kids Now".  It was extremely supportive to have her here yesterday morning as we rolled out the "Toilet Trail" and began paving the uncharted course from diaper to potty.  I had some moments of "WTF?" and she had a couple "WTH?" thoughts but together be forged upwards and onwards.  We plan to have either a mid-week potty-play-date or a Friday Celebration Day....depending on how things progress on both our ends.

Without further delay, come take a peek at the big POTTY KICKOFF PARTY...

What's a PARTY without balloons and streamers?

Oh! And a sign for the guests of honor?!?!

A fully decorated table fit for our princes and princesses...

Complete with Personalized "Big Girl & Big Boy" Cups!

I am a hostess who likes to give their guests a little "(Potty) Loot Bag" which was filled with all the essentials for a pleasant toilet experience!

And who doesn't love to play a game at a party?  Each kid got a new pair of ginch/gonch as a prize!

This is what I coined "Toilet Trail"
(Yes, we crammed 4 potties, 4 charts & all potty training essentials into this tiny hallway.  Note the paper towel roll to clean up the accidents?)

And to end our Potty Kickoff Party, we celebrated our minor successes with cupcakes!

 And how did Mommy Survive you ask?  
I'm kiddin'!  It was only 12pm...I waited until 4pm to crack that sucker open!!  LMAO!

Stay Tuned For How This Whole Potty Training Progresses...Send Us Strength Luck!


  1. We will be starting down this path shortly. I'm excited to read about your experiences, and will soak up any wisdom you come across along the way.

    Love the idea of throwing a party to kick things off. I just might have to borrow this idea from you :)

    I SO wish I could drink wine along with this undertaking :)

  2. That last picture has my lmao! I think potty training is the worst part of parenting so far. Granted my oldest is only 4 so it may not be saying much.

  3. You crack me up!

    If a party works, I am all in. Got to be cheaper than the diapers...

  4. Love the party idea and big props for the restraint. We went commando over the weekend due to an upset stomach and a very nasty diaper rash. I think my restraint cracked before 4



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