Tuesday, September 18, 2012

PART III Bribery, A Timer, A Chart & A Party!

I thought it was time for a little update on my Bribery, A Timer, A Chart & A Party posts last week.  I am happy to say that I have survived with a little help from my good friend "Merlot" but no thanks to my super-dooper "plan-o-action".  An explanation is in order...

I've dropped the whole timer thing, the training pants are neatly washed and tucked away, the party was somewhat a bust, although it WAS fun BUT I've totally kept the whole bribery aspect of this process!  

After being hounded receiving ongoing advice to allow the kids to go bare a$$ in an effort to elevate my stress and increase their chances of success, I decided to throw caution to the wind and give it a shot.  I was convinced that it was going to be a "$hit $how", literally, and that I would be forever following my little bums around the house with a rag and bucket to clean up their "messes" BUT I was surprised to find out that  BARE A$$E$ = SUCCESS! Who would have thought? Oh right...all those hounders awesome friends of mine who used this technique and made suggested that I should too...LOL!

At first glance it may appear that Ave is having more "successes" however, this is not the case.  She just pees more than Bryce AND he likes to stick his sticker on top on one another.  I haven't decided if she has a small bladder or if she has just caught on to the whole BRIBERY aspect of this toilet training thang??  You know...how every time you pee you get a "treat" thang?!?!  LOL!

After removing the training pants and letting them run around sans underwear, accidents have been almost eliminated...It's AMAZING!!  The only (major) challenge has been poor Bryce...he goes over to his potty to pee but he just can't seem to "aim" the flow appropriately.  For the last week he has been "watering" the wall and floor all around his potty...it's been very frustrating for me AND him.  Seriously, why on earth has someone not invented a "pee-pee shield" adaptor for potties???  And I'm not talking about that tiny little flap that sits in the front either!  I mean really...can you say useless?  Besides, not ALL BOYS learn to pee sitting down (I wish my son had but he refused and I had to move to PLAN B).  Introducing the "Patriotic PEE PEE Shield"...

Daddy Dave almost lost it when I came home with the plastic placemat that donned the Canadian flag.  He was adamant that we could not use this as our prototype because it was dishonoring our country.  PUH-lease!  In my defense it was the ONLY plastic placemat they had at the dollar store (that I was willing to stop at).  Anywho, a little packing tape and cleaver adhesion and TA-DUM...

And YES...It sure does work!

Now it's on to the whole "underwear" thing.  You know where they have to pull them down in time to make it to go ON the potty thing. *SIGH*   I think we'll wait a couple more days.  Baby steps Ginger...baby steps!

Happy Tuesday Friends!!!


Some people know me soooooo well, I didn't include it in the above post because it really didn't help the whole "aim issue"...LMAO!


  1. You can float cheerios in the big toliet that Bryce can "aim" at. My boys love that game and it keeps the pee in the potty.

  2. I am sitting here chuckling ... YOU are so entertaining !!
    Good job on the toilet training ... I love the patriotic pee pee shield .. Vive le Canada !!

    Ooh and the Cheerios is great target practice but knowing Ginger its going to be Fruit Loops cause they're just sooo colorful and more FUN !! hehe

  3. hysterical AND brilliant!!! :)
    i've heard to let them go naked and i've tried getting my DH on board but he insists on letting our girl "do it on her own". ugh. like that's gonna ever happen...



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