Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wordless, Wordful or Whatever Wednesday! Time for their own Laptops...

I was tired of the kids changing the settings on my computer trying to "fiddle" with my Laptop so, I pulled out a couple gifts from Christmas (last year) and little computer monkeys now have their own Leaptops to "mess" with...LOL!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!


  1. LOVE Ave's face in that first picture! So cute.

  2. Great the kids are now going to be addicted to Blogging to........We've created a monster.

    Daddy Dave

  3. You Go twins...
    Now just another pair of twins !!! LOL
    Let's see how long to they go back to your computer.
    They are adorable!
    We invite you to come and check out our Wordless Wednesday and we would love for you to linkup to our Linky party:
    Happy Wednesday!

  4. But, mommy, your laptop is more fun!!



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