Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Crazy Hair Pumpkin...Go On Give It a "Pull"!!

Linking up with Mama Kat once again for her Pretty Much World Famous Writing Workshop.

Assignment- Pumpkins.  Anything with pumpkins!

I have been a little absent here in Bloggy World and I do have a legitimate excuse reason.  I recently took on the position of Social Coordinator for the annual Halloween & Christmas parties with our Twins, Triplets and More Association in Calgary.

I LOVE parties but more than that, I LOVE TO PLAN PARTIES.  It's like a drug I can never get enough of.  Seriously, I am addicted.  And what does a party-planning-addict do when they agreed to only throw 2 parties a year in their home as per their "verbal marriage contract" stipulates because Daddy Dave is a TOTAL party pooper?  They wait TWO YEARS for the position to become available and then pounce on it like a cat on catnip. Ya,  I know.  I've got no shame.  LOL!

Anywho, the Halloween Party is planned, organized and awaiting the arrival of Saturday October 27th.  What's the theme?  I am SOOO happy you asked.  It's a GRAND Spooktacular Halloween Carnival!!

In addition to bounce houses, kiddie roller coasters, hot dogs, cotton candy, popcorn, swamp water punch and a sweet little Pumpkin Patch for younger kids, I have organized 9 carnival games that kids of all ages will enjoy playing.  This brings me to my "Pumpkin" post...this is one of the games called "Pumpkin Pull".  The kids pull out a strand of "hair" from the pumpkin and what color is at the end of the sucker determines what prize they will get.

Wanna Make a Crazy Hair Pumpkin Pull Game for Your Halloween Party...It's As Easy As 1, 2, 3!
#1- Drill Holes All Around Top Half of a Foam Pumpkin
#2- Stick Suckers In With Color Coded Tips (for prizes)
#3- Ta-Da!!  The Crazy Hair Pumpkin Pull Game
*for larger parties you may want 2 or 3 of these "guys"*

 Daddy Dave may be a huge party pooper opposed to having parties at his house but he was quick to help me get things prepared for the big TTMAC Halloween Carnival.  And I couldn't be more grateful as we have 205 kids attending and over 175's gonna be CRAZY FUN!!!

*In the event YOU love to plan parties as much as I do...I will be sure to post all the details of the party (including pics)!!

Go Get Your Inspiration On...

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  1. Very cool! I will have to make one for this Halloween. I'm sure the Halloween and Christmas parties you are planning will totally rock!

  2. That is Such an adorable idea to do with a pumpkin. I have never seen this before. Thanks for sharing.
    Laurie @ pride in photos

  3. Wow! Love this. Except in my house he would be bald in minutes... :)

  4. What an adorable game! I love it! Thanks for the idea--my daughters will love it, too!

  5. Such a cute idea! I love the color-coded suckers for prizes, too! Hope you have a fantastic time at the big par-tay!



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