Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sippy Cups That DO NOT LEAK! Heck ya! Mama Loves...

I have been so busy lovin' things that I haven't had the chance to hook up with Julia over at Pontifications of a Twin Mom for her Mama Loves series but I'm back!

And I am lovin'....LOVIN' the ONLY sippy cups (well, they're more like bottles for older kids) that DO NOT leak.  Not even a drop.  Actually, Daddy Dave is loving it even more than mama this week because the STAINS ON THE CARPET are few and far between these days.

Wanna Know The Name of These MAGIC...NO SPILL CUPS?  Tummy Tickler Tot Character Apple Juice Bottles!

Ya sure, they only hold 4 ozs but I would fill up a 1 oz cup a million times over if it meant no stains on my carpets.  These are the cups that saved my marriage rugs!!

Watcha Ya Lovin' These Days??

Manic Mother

1 comment:

  1. I'm going to have to get some of those. My knees are begging me to get them actually since I'm always scrubbing the floor from the latest spill.
    I found one that I liked a lot called the Tommee Tippee Water bottle. It doesn't leak, but sometimes when thrown hard on the floor the leak proof spout can pop out and you have to pop it back in. Although it has to be thrown like super hard for that to happen. It's the only cup I let my youngest go to sleep with because it doesn't leak all over his bed.,10&swHighlightThickness=1&swBorderThickness=0&itemTitle=Tommee+Tippee+Explora+Sporty+Water+Bottle+%26%23x28%3B2pk%26%23x29%3B&altindexid=1&omniImageCount=2

    Now if we can replace all our old sippy's that pretend to be spill proof with the ones like you posted above we can finally not have to worry about all the cleaning that comes with spills and stains. haha



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