Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Next Donny & Marie Osmond?? I don't think so...

Not because my kids can't sing (they are naturally talented...LOL!).  Because they can't get along when they sing!  LOL!

I LOVE HALLOWEEN and I am pretty sure my kids are starting to love it as much as me.  Especially singing my all time favorite Halloween Song, 5 Little Pumpkins.

We've got the book and while it has always been Daddy Dave's primary responsibility to read bedtime stories, when it comes to this book, Mama likes to SING IT, not read it and the kids love it.  So much so, that they have memorized the words and now sing it themselves.  They MUST take turns, as you will see in the following videos, as they do not like the other one to have the "spotlight".  LMAO!

Presenting Marie Osmond Ave Bowes singing 5 Little Pumpkins or I guess I should say, 2 little pumpkins as she forgot to "countdown"...

Presenting Donny Osmond Bryce Bowes singing a partial rendition of 5 little pumpkins (because Daddy's iphone died before we could capture the whole performance...bummer!)  He spilled his milk and it was kinda distracting for him...LOL!

Happy Day Before Halloween Everyone!!

1 comment:

  1. So much cuter than Donnie and Marie. Really!

    Happy Halloween!



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