Monday, November 19, 2012

As requested...32 Days of Elf on the Shelf Ideas!

What the heck is Elf on the Shelf?  You can read all about that HERE & HERE!  Now that we are all up to "speed" on the whole Elf on the Shelf thingie...

Over the last year I have spent a copious some time on Pinterest collecting a variety of Elf on the Shelf ideas.    Last week, I finally got around to taking a peek at my pins and have compiled a list of what our little elves will be up too this holiday season in our home.

The Elves will be arriving from the North Pole this Sunday I am so super-stoked and I know the kids will be excited.  They've been watching the Elf on the Shelf movie since Nov 1st and I have been totally brainwashing them into wanting one they have been asking for one so, when they arrive I am sure they will pee their pants...hopefully not literally...LMAO!

One thing I have learned through many other wise parents is the importance of having a rough plan on what the Elves will be "doing" each morning as there is nothing more devastating for the children to wake up and see that Elfie hasn't moved an inch and there by didn't make the trip back to Santa OR how frustrating and inconvenient it is to be almost asleep only to realize you haven't "sent the Elf back to the North Pole" and to have to jump outta bed and come up with some uncreative, spontaneous spot for the damn cute things.

So, without further delay, here is my "tentative" list for the 32 days the Elves will be gracing us with their presence.  I plan to follow it as closely as possible but you know what they say about the best laid plans...

Stay tuned for full Elf on the Shelf pictorials on Mondays for the next few weeks!

32 Days of Elf on the Shelf
Year #1 2012

Nov 24th- Elves will arrive from Santa, wrapped especially for each of them.  They are named and POOF the magic begins!
Nov 25th- Elves will deliver decorated mini Christmas trees to kid’s rooms in the morning
Nov 26th- Elves will fly around the room attached with fishing line in the living room
Nov 27th- Elves will be reading new Christmas books on top of the TV
Nov 28th- Elves will hide under glasses on the table during breakfast
Nov 29th- Elves will be in the freezer (signs/elves foot prints to point the kids there) with a snowman
Nov 30th- Elves will be in playroom building a LEGO castle
Dec 1st- Elves will leave a bag of jellybeans and tell kids to “plant” them in provided flower pots today to see what “grows” tomorrow
Dec 2nd- Large lollipops have “grown” where jellybeans were “planted” & Elves “look” impressed!
Dec 3rd- Elves fishing out of the toilet with blue food coloring and goldfish in bowl
Dec 4th- Elves hold a sign that tells the kids to go look in the mirror and they will be holding a paintbrush with red paint on it. (Paint kids noses red at night/early morning)
Dec 5th- Elves will toilet paper the tree and hang from it
Dec 6th- Elves will be roasting marshmallows over a tea light on kitchen table.
Dec 7th- Elves will have hang snowflakes all over the house for the Christmas party today
Dec 8th- Elves will have drawn a funny picture with dry-erase marker on their picture in the living room
Dec 9th- Elves will have done snow angles with sugar on the kitchen counter
Dec 10th- Elves will leave a message written in lipstick on the front entrance mirrors
Dec 11th- Elves will be ziplinning from cupboard to cupboard in the kitchen
Dec 12th- Elves will have crepe-papered their playroom entrance.
Dec 13th- Elves will be having a “snowball” fight with cotton balls
Dec 14th- Elves will be hanging outside windows in the living room
Dec 15th- Elves will be hanging inside their stockings with a special not from Santa come see them at the TTMAC party this afternoon
Dec 16th- Elves will hang the kid’s underwear across the arches in the playroom
Dec 18th- Elves will draw a portrait of the kids and have them framed for a keepsake
Dec 19th- Elves will have over consume a bowl of candies and warn against this
Dec 20th- Elves will be having a marshmallow bath in the sink upstairs
Dec 21st- Elves will be having a “Christmas morning” with some of their toys and tell them to be prepared for their own Christmas morning with family tomorrow
Dec 22nd - Elves will have birthday presents ready to go for a birthday party the next day with paper everywhere and tape all over the place.
Dec 23rd - Elves will be lounging on the “beach” (brown sugar, paper lawn chairs, paper umbrellas, shells) with a note that tells them they are off to Florida tomorrow and that they will see them there!!
Dec 24th- When we arrive in Florida…Elves will be in their rooms with a special “welcome letter and gift” reminding them that they go wherever they go!!
Dec 25th- Elves will serve a special Christmas breakfast to say “good-bye” and the kids will be allowed to touch them to give them a hug bye-bye…until next Christmas or until they are bad…LMAO!

Happy Elf-ing Everyone!!

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