Monday, November 12, 2012

BACON. Mama loves..

I haven't had a lot of "inspiration" running through my veins these days.  Hence the lack of post but leave it me to let "PIG MEAT" get those creative greasy juices flowing...LMAO!

I am linking up with Julie over at Pontifications of a Twin Mom for her awesome Mama Loves segment.

And this week, I am lovin' me some BACON!  It's not something I keep in the house or purchase on a regular basis.  For SEVERAL reasons:

  • It's soooo expensive
  • It's sooooooo not good for you
  • It's soooooooooo delicious that a pound is eaten in less than one sitting 'round these parts
  • It's sooooooooooooo messy to cook and clean up!!!

 BUT NOT ANYMORE...NOPE! (the messy cooking and cleaning up part, all other points still apply)  Baking bacon in the oven.  Yup.  That's what I am lovin' these days.  It's simple and easy and so NOT messy.  This has got to be one of the best kept secrets (or at least from moi) and I am blowing the lid off  "it".  After all, this world needs more bacon consumers or at least more bacon consumers that don't shy away from eating said pig because of the total mess it causes by frying it up.  Not to mention the deep rooted fear that the grease will somehow magically fly onto something completely combustible and blow up my house.  Breath Ginger.  Breath.  It's only a "possible" scenario, not a fact. LOL!

You see, I NEVER fancied the traditional "frying" (see my "house bursting into flames" rant above) method and I can't seem to get the "microwave with paper towels" method that my mothers swears by, down pat.  I either under cook it and that's just plain gross or I over cook it and it burns to the paper towel and well that's a huge waste of money and an even huge-er disappointment.

I can't recall where I "heard" of the oven cooking method and/or who enlightened me and while I would like to take credit for this "invention", I know I am not the only one who does this so I'd look like an a$$ if I tried to convince you that I "made up this super-fan-tab-ulous, easy peasy, no mess, no fuss" method of cooking bacon but if you want to give me credit for passing on the "secret"...I'll take it.  I've got no shame.

Cooking Bacon In The Oven A Step-By Step Guide
(not because I think you can't figure it out on your own BUT because I think I have "perfected" the process)

1.  Preheat oven to 425 degrees.  Cover a 9x13 pan with two pieces of tin foil and then an ADDITIONAL piece to fit snugly inside the pan. **do not use cheap tin foil**

2. Lay one pound of bacon in the tin foil covered pan.  It doesn't matter if they overlap or are on top of one another.

3.  Place in oven.  After 10 minutes be sure to move the bacon around so that they do not cook stuck together.

4. After another 10 minutes, give the bacon another "shake up"

5. After about 30 minutes you've got yummy, crispy cooked bacon.

6.  Allow pan to "cool" with bacon drippings then roll foil up and toss in the garbage...NO MUSS...NO FUSS!!  Awesome!

Yup!  For better or worse, Mama is lovin' bacon but will try her hardest not make it too often now that the "secret" to cooking it mess free has been discovered!  Try. My. Hardest.

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  1. I have a microwave bacon cooker that belonged to my mom...which I'm guessing she bought in the early 1980's. I don't cook bacon often, but when I do, that works really well. [And I just try not to think about any plastic creepy-crawlies that are lurking on / in that thing! Ack!!!]

    I have seen the baking of bacon touted on Pinterest, but I'm glad to hear the method exalted from a *real* person. ;)

    And your usual...had me rolling!!!

    [Did you know my first job was marketing BACON? It will always hold a very special place in my heart. <3 ]

  2. MMMMMMM bacon. I love bacon and it makes everything better. Although I have to admit that I'm a bacon snob. I will only buy it from the butcher since it tastes so much better. And here, it's cheaper from the butcher too. I've never made it in the oven, although I've heard it's the way to go. I'll have to try it out.



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