Friday, November 30, 2012

Thank you Pinterest. What a Great Gift...

Ok, so as you all know I am an addict.  I'm addicted to eyeglasses, food AND pinterest.  I have spent a lot some time over the last year pinning tons of ideas but I haven't had the chance to take to task on many of them.  That is until this last week.  I have done 4 projects to give away as gifts this Christmas but I can only share ONE right now.  All the other projects recipients read my blog regularly and I don't want to ruin the surprise.

This project is for Ave & Bryce's grandparents who are not regular users of the Internet and I am not even sure if they know I have a blog?!?!?! So, it a safe bet that they wont be creeping on here and thus blow the kids big surprise for Christmas....LOL!

Here is the Original PIN that inspired me to get crafty with the kids and then Little Fun, Little Learning sent me on my way with a plan-o-action.  I must say, I am extremely happy with how it turned out and I know Grandma & Grandpa will be tickled pink to hang this on their wall, probably year round.

Tip:  We did this in the bathroom so that we could jump in the tub and get all cleaned up.  I hate paint but this helped keep my crafting stress at a manageable level....LMAO!  Do you think it would be too weird to set up a painting craft table IN the tub?  Ya, you right!  It would be.  *sigh*

~Happy Friday Everyone~

Hey!  Don't forget to come back tonight or tomorrow to join in our 2nd Annual Christmas Caroling Blog Hop!!


  1. That's awesome!

    I say this only partly kidding...Pinterest has SO enriched my holidays this year! I love all the ideas!!!

  2. Set it up outside (in the summer--all 3 minutes of it) and then you can hose them off or let them play in the sprinkler after. ;)



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