Saturday, December 22, 2012

Day 22-28 of Elf on the Shelf. They are getting a little tired...

Guy & Tangled just finished up their 4 week stint of flying back and forth to the North Pole and they are getting pretty tired...LOL!  Only 2 days to go before they must depart until the kids misbehave next year.

DAY 22
Guy and Tangled took ANOTHER trip back to my hometown of Porcupine, ON to pick up ANOTHER special delivery from our OTHER besties.  How special is that??  Ave & Bryce loved it...AGAIN!!

DAY 23
With the leftover marshmallows from Sunday, the Elves had a little campfire on Tuesday morning and roasted the 4 marshmallows that were left after my kiddies snacked away on the HUGE bowl on Sunday (kiddin'...I made Krispie Squares).

DAY 24
The kids had some of their friends over for a Christmas breakfast and Tangled & Guy decided to swing from the decorations and left them all a little something special...

DAY 25
Silly Elves!  They decided to decorate our tree with underwear...I think the kids got the biggest giggle out of this one! (Thanks Calvin the Elf for sharing this idea with Tangled & Guy!)

DAY 26
Naughty Elves!  They had so much fun last week being little artists that they decided to leave the kids a message on the bathroom mirror on Friday morning.  I kinda wish they would have done this 3 months ago when we started potty training because I am sure Ave & Bryce used the washroom way more than usual on that day just so they could spend time with Tangled & Guy!!

DAY 27
Saturday was Christmas with Daddy Dave's family so the Elves thought it would be fun to wrap up a few household items...what a hoot!

DAY 28
It is Christmas Morning here at our house because we are leaving for Florida on Monday!!  Tangled & Guy left the kids a little note to let them know that they would see them there (in Florida) on Monday...taking a ride on their toy helicopter!!

So, I guess the next time we all see Tangled & Guy they will be in the sunshine state of Florida!  we can't wait to see what trouble adventures they have there!!

Happy Sunday Everyone & in the Event We Don't Get to Post Before the BIG DAY...MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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  1. I love your elves! So much so, I just pinned some ideas for next year for our elf Candy.

    Enjoy Florida and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!



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