Sunday, December 2, 2012

The first 7 of 32 days of Elf On the Shelf. They've been busy...

The Elves have been busy flying back to the North Pole every night to report to Santa on Ave & Bryce's's been a week of some ups n' downs.  LOL!


Guy and Tangled delivered a decorated Christmas tree to the kids rooms.  They were sooooo excited!  Every morning Santa flips on the switch to the lights to let them know when it's time to get up and he flips the switch off when it's time to go to sleep.  (A muli-set timer and a creative story makes for an AWESOME parenting tool I must say.)


Guy & Tangled decided to fly around the living room and left a little "present" dangling from the roof.  The kids loved dropping those plastic capsules in warm water and watching them grow into a variety of fun Christmas shapes!


The elves took a seat on top of the TV to keep a close eye on the kids...not that Ave & Bryce watch lots of TV (ok, they do, whatever!) but because they had a perfect view to "monitor" all the happenings in the house.  Santa sent them some really cute stuffies that play Christmas music.


Breakfast time!  Guy & Tangled helped themselves to a bowl of cereal.

Ave was a little "ticked" that Tangled had one of her pink spoons but when I reminded her of the note Santa sent on DAY TWO...

...she calmed down and announced that she was a "good sharer"!  (I LOVE this Elf gig)  The special surprise that morning included a jelly Santa head, which Bryce commented, "I can eat Santa?".  I'm not sure if he was surprised because he was allowed candy in the morning or because it was Santa he was eating??  They also each received an Elf on the Shelf ornament for their trees in their bedrooms.

Bryce got a little "friendly" reminder that he'd better "shape-up" or else...
Too Harsh?  Ya, I didn't think so either!  LMAO!  He was heard several times that morning saying, "Be good or no more surprises!" as he carried around his note from Guy.


The elves took "shelter" in the fridge on this day and decided they'd play a trick on us and colored the milk red...silly elves!  Good thing there wasn't much milk left because both Ave & Bryce refused to drink red milk...bawhahahaha!!!

No special gifts were left this morning.  They had to earn it that day...

 Their surprise were some Christmas glow sticks to bring to a party that night, which were waiting in the van as we left!!


Tangled & Guy set up a "CASTLE" on the fireplace mantle using some of Santa's mighty machines to reenact the movie Tangled.  The bulldozers just happened to be their special toy for the day!


Perched on top of the kitchen table, the elves had left 2 planting "pots" and some magical "seeds" to plant.  Had I been thinking ahead, I would have got the few gardening tools I have out of the shed in our backyard and some real soil but with the amount of snow that has fallen over the last 3 days...I said "forget 'bout it!"...LOL! (Next time I will be better prepared)

I wonder what will grow on Day EIGHT????

I guess you'll have to come back next week to find out!  

Happy Elf-ing Everyone!


  1. You are one creative mama! How fun for Ave and Bryce!!! :) :) Can't wait to see next week's adventures!

  2. Wow! I already forgot to move the stupid elf once and we started on Nov 30th!

  3. LOL Awesome Ging!! I LOVE this Eon a S LOL Wish we had them as kids lol

  4. Okay, our elf, Candy, is seriously underperforming. How did we get the lazy elf??

    I love the note about sharing!!



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